Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Hey guys! I'm rlly happy cos my mum came back yesterday! Haha, so the house is presently an upside down mess.. ok maybe not the house as such.. but the bedrooms for sure!

The reason? My mum availed herself of the amazing Amsterdam sales XD. So my bed and most available surfaces are covered in random stuff x). Like three hoodies, an orange turtle-neck, trousers and random bits and bobs basically. AND WELLIES!!! haha I'm in love with my new wellies!

So this post is basically a celebratory post, and to say that all you vodafone ppl can expect a random message - if i have your number anyway xD. (Inspired by Rob) annddd that Bet found a rly cool artist:

And dw guys, over the next week you'll see an interesting post come up.. Im still working on it, cos I want a particular song with it, but there arent any on youtube, so I'll have to make it.. Eh thats abt it basically. ( 2 days! *does a silly little dance*)

haha, Bless bless bless

achie xxx

p.s.Im seriously considering cutting my hair to this length, maybe a bit shorter.. Pls comment with ur opinion ^^

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Living Day by Day


The vid is actually taken from Rob's blog, cos I found it so captivating x)

As for today's topic, I'd like to thank Maria Angela for inspiring me :)
Two posts back, I spoke abt the past. Now I'm going to consider the present. (no, im nt gna do a soul sista series :P)

Though the past contains all our memories, experiences, fun times with friends and are in fact what is essentially our life, there's a certain extent to which we should care about it. Yeah, its great to be nostalgic with a friend once in a while, but as to wishing to be there... thats another. As we get on with our lives, and live another day, we experience new things, and grow in so many ways!! Mentally, emotionally, physically and even in God.

To be totally honest, I just got lost in my own thoughts, and was writing rubbish i deleted. So I opened my Bible on the book of Esther, out of coincidence, Sam Breen (no1 laugh please :P) spoke about Esther last year at soul survivor. He spoke about her calling, and the preparation of her life until that moment. Her whole life, her background, her being chosen as King Xerxes' new wife - was all planned by God. Why? To be able to make a difference, she faced death to do that too. She saved all the Jews in the empire from being killed. As I said, all the conditions of her life led up to that. Her past was to prepare for her future, for that day that she accomplished God's will.

I think her story also shows how, although she kept what she learnt in her past, she also lived in the present. This concept ties in with regret, which Tutzi spoke about recently. If you focus on the past, you're going to mess up the present, which you'll be worried about all over again.. Insomma point is, carry what you've learnt, don't forget, keep on living for the day and aim to grow.
Every day is a gift, use it well :).

Bless bless bless

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

second today, but i just had to post this!

haha soul survivor netherlands =D and mike joking with the worship leader as usual xD

Disney and the past.

yesterday Maria Angela found a pic of me and her sis in kindergarten. I was shocked to say the least!! I didn't know we were ever in the same school!! So I looked into my photo albums and found more pics. Talk about a surprise!! And it turns out i was actually quite blonde when I was young.. Then I saw some hilarious pics, which i scanned:

Haha and I saw a really sweet disney clip of a film I used to love..

Blessings from the past,

(haha yeah achie.. that originated from when I couldnt pronounce Rachel)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A paradoxial day, heroes and what you can learn.

Trial no.2 (it deleted..=/):
My paradoxial day - the uneventful yet full of events day.
First off, my mum left for Holland this morning while I was at school. I dont think it has really sunk in yet, but I'm sure the early-morning stress will increase no-end this next week.
Secondly, after school I watched the season 1 finale of Heroes and loved it. (no reason to hate Nathan now, ux xP) To cut a long story short, I decided to put off season two for a while. I have mocks soon and decided to catch up with my studying. *thinks how pleased bet and paul will be to hear that xD*
guys pls check out amy and zoe's posts on the forum in the topic dream date.
To the point of this post:
I learnt something from Heroes. No, not that I can fly or read ppls thoughts (much as I'd love to) but that God, really did give us all different abilities, ok not to the extent of being superhuman, but talents. You have to admit, you have a talent, no matter how humble you may be. Maybe you're a great artist/caricaturist, maybe you can sing like an angel, maybe you dance divinely, maybe you have a talent to write, or to teach or to lend a helping hand, or in a sport even.

My point is, like Peter Petrelli and Hiro Nakamura both come to realise in their own ways, its not what they can do, its why they do it - the reason. They have no other objectives than to save people, even if it means risking their life (P.P.) or facing their deep fears (H.N.). Its the purity and love you do whatever you do with. I admit, our motives are never completely pure, but as Cett said, we have to try!

I've run dry.. Blessings x)

In Me - Casting Crowns

Saturday, 19 January 2008

..of love, heroes and ballet

First of all, I suggest you all go look at ben and tine's blogs. Theyre actually about quite the same thing but bring out different aspects and they're really inspirational.

this is my fave song at the moment. And for good reason. I feel it really embodies what I believe to be true and captures what i feel.

Saviour of my soul,
Lover of my life,
I love You endlessly.
Passion of my heart,
Everything You Are,
I love You endlessly.

You loved me,
Before I knew of You,
You love me,
Now I give it back to You.

The message really stands out, and I had never actually thought properly of the awesome fact that even when we had no idea who God is, He loved us, just as much as ever, and always will. I had been told countless times, but it never sunk in, that even when I hated Him and everything that in my eyes was connected to Him, He still loved me. And though we can never love Him as much as He loves us, we should still try, starting from me. I think its a life-long journey, but I'm willing to set off this very second.

*gets distracted by putting up pics on her walls*

Hehe, incase you all didnt know, im officially addicted to heroes. Im on episode 13 of the first season and about to watch episode 14, man its the most amazing series ever!!


(p.s. a little shout out to Kai and Fran "soon to be famous" Galea x) hehe the ballet buddies who do maltese together xP)

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Fourth

This one's thanks to mina! I was going to put off blogging for the day, but she commented and I felt bound to it! Yeah so much for talking against blogs! Well I do hope to keep it up but you never know, sometimes I just cant get myself to write. But when it does, I usually have something to say! xD

I was thinking at school today (while writing a monologue for a drama exam, and during german) that we often try so hard to fit in. We might compromise our character, say we enjoy doing something we don't, pretend to laugh at jokes we find degrading or mean. When you look at it like this, written out in its simplest form, its easy to say, "Oh, but I'll never do that!" The truth is, most of us have. But we often just try not to feel left out, this just happens as a result of trying not to seem lame or uncool or whatever the buzzword of the time is.

Then I thought, well its not a wonder I dont fit in. I'm not made to fit in here, I'm different because I belong somewhere else. I belong in the Kingdom of God, with my Father. So, I realised, that I should stop trying to fit in when I'm at school, or wherever I may happen to feel different, I should celebrate the fact that I'm not interested in petty jokes or the latest make-up, I'm interested in my Saviour. So, all you people who feel you don't fit in, don't worry, you're not meant to.

(btw, thanks to this blog, Im developing the random thoughts i have throughout the day!)

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I don't really have anything new to think about, so I'll talk abt school xD

Just so everyone understands, kai and the maths teacher have this thing that they do. It goes a bit like: *kai irritates the teacher or interrupts*
*teacher tells her to stop*
*kai asks the teacher if she loves her*
*teacher laughs and says of course then mumbles something* (yes i said that entirely randomly)
and anyway yesterday while we were doing bar charts, the teacher told us to write lemons, but she had said it more like lAmons. So martha karla and i mimicked her for a while. Today, two ex-st.edwards students ended up talking abt st.edwards with the teacher. And kai had asked something abt st.edwardians... thing is she said st.ed-wirdijiens.. which made me crack up and say wirdien a few times, so the teacher was like, what are you two laughing about at the back? So I explained, while laughing. And later the teacher decided to go back to maths which went something like: "enough St.Edwodiens" (a really posh sounding edwardians) anyway.. that was funny at the time >.<

Once in environmental we spoke about gay ancient greeks *hint hint paul n drea xP*. (Environmental usually turns to politics/arguments/stupid laws or rules/crtictism of Maltese people and practices)

Chemistry causes comments. It should be a law like Newton's law or Galileo's laws of motion but Ms.Edel's law of class. Anyway, my picks of today:

o anon student: Is Barium B or Ba?

Ms.Edel: Ba *gives a duh look to student*

student: What's B then?

Ms.Edel: Boron (pronounced bow-ron) *silently* change the B to an M and its you.

student: *..silence..* Mowron!!! =D

o Karl frustrated with past papers: Il-Jesus Christ
achie: *very badly timed and innocent* hi!
karl, karla, and achie: *laugh*

Ok so theyre not very funny when u read them.. but when you're actually in school and totally bored and tired, its quite hilarious really.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

day 2 xD

Hey ppl!
School wasn't too bad today, we were only twelve in class!! Meanwhile the under 16 boys bball team of our school went somewhere for a competition and actually won!!

In other news..xP yesterday I was reading Matthew 1 and it occurred to me that not many women are mentioned by name in Jesus' ancestry. I remembered Tutzi spoke about it once, and decided to look it all up again. I searched on wiki and found this:

"The genealogy of Jesus that we find at the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew is a male lineage. Only four women from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) are included in this long lineage, one of whom is Ruth. The inclusion of these four particular women in a male lineage is noteworthy, indicating that these four women were especially significant.
Ruth's famous words, "For wherever you go, I will go ...," are used in Catholic and some Protestant marriage services, underscoring the similarity of marriage and religious conversion in their covenantal nature. "

Two others, Tamar and Rahab, were both converted prostitutes who later went on to live life as "respectable" and married. Then there was Mary, who I think we all know about. I only have one thing to question about our knowledge of her. We always seem to look to her as a middle-aged woman who is just like our own protective mothers. Thing is, she seems more to me like the young woman (that is a teenager) who had such faith she risked her whole pure life to accept giving birth to Jesus. In those times there were many untouchables, and having a child out of wedlock made a woman less valued and respected. There obviously were many other things that make me wonder how she had such faith to say those words "I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered. "May it be to me as you have said." Luke 1:38

Rach xx
edit: btw, maths: LAMONS (lemons with a rlly bad accent xD) then Potatoes...

Monday, 14 January 2008

1st Blog

Hey, yeah I too have decided to blog.. I actually decided late last night, when i realised - I can use blogging to show what God is doing in my life at the moment. And put my observations somewhere, because contrary to popular thought, I don't only criticise, I actually do think about what I see positively.

One of the reasons I have decided to blog is that last night as I was praying, iTunes (which was on shuffle) started playing My Desire by Jeremy Camp. I realised how much it applied to this point in my life and how I often feel inadequate and completely unworthy, and yet I really do want to be used be God.

That's the video of the song. I think its a great song as well as being so true and meaningful!

Today was hilarious at school.. I couldnt talk very well and was told i sounded very english. Every time i tried to say something, someone started laughing... *cough*kaiandkarl*cough* Thomas was sick today (Thomas is more commonly known as Joe) And we talked about Glendin (?), going to Dunsinane in real life and some other stupid things like.. *tries to remember* it was unimportant enough for me to forget x).

More soon,
Rach xx