Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Fourth

This one's thanks to mina! I was going to put off blogging for the day, but she commented and I felt bound to it! Yeah so much for talking against blogs! Well I do hope to keep it up but you never know, sometimes I just cant get myself to write. But when it does, I usually have something to say! xD

I was thinking at school today (while writing a monologue for a drama exam, and during german) that we often try so hard to fit in. We might compromise our character, say we enjoy doing something we don't, pretend to laugh at jokes we find degrading or mean. When you look at it like this, written out in its simplest form, its easy to say, "Oh, but I'll never do that!" The truth is, most of us have. But we often just try not to feel left out, this just happens as a result of trying not to seem lame or uncool or whatever the buzzword of the time is.

Then I thought, well its not a wonder I dont fit in. I'm not made to fit in here, I'm different because I belong somewhere else. I belong in the Kingdom of God, with my Father. So, I realised, that I should stop trying to fit in when I'm at school, or wherever I may happen to feel different, I should celebrate the fact that I'm not interested in petty jokes or the latest make-up, I'm interested in my Saviour. So, all you people who feel you don't fit in, don't worry, you're not meant to.

(btw, thanks to this blog, Im developing the random thoughts i have throughout the day!)


Martine said...


R.T said...

AMEN to your blog .. coincedentaley (sp?) debz and I were talking abt fitting in and what some people think the norm is and what some others think the norm is today at school.. and what you just said really rings true ...
ps: scotty thanks you for inserting his best picture on your blog..

maria angelaaa said...

amen ache!!! :D keep postin!!!

"we're on vacation, dying to get back Home!!" :D:D

God blss =]

bettinnaaa said...

lol i caught up on ur blogs ache XD...personally.. i tink that d last sentence shud be "so, all you people who feel you don't fit in, dont worry, youre not meant to".. like dat it makes sense...lool. .sry felt like being picky..but i dnt need u to like me to fit in XD lol luv ya ache xxxx

Anonymous said...

im loving wat u sed today ach :D vry true...i like it lots...and its gud u started writting a blog cos i coudlnt keep up with ur discoveries xD
KaI xxx gbu