Saturday, 19 January 2008

..of love, heroes and ballet

First of all, I suggest you all go look at ben and tine's blogs. Theyre actually about quite the same thing but bring out different aspects and they're really inspirational.

this is my fave song at the moment. And for good reason. I feel it really embodies what I believe to be true and captures what i feel.

Saviour of my soul,
Lover of my life,
I love You endlessly.
Passion of my heart,
Everything You Are,
I love You endlessly.

You loved me,
Before I knew of You,
You love me,
Now I give it back to You.

The message really stands out, and I had never actually thought properly of the awesome fact that even when we had no idea who God is, He loved us, just as much as ever, and always will. I had been told countless times, but it never sunk in, that even when I hated Him and everything that in my eyes was connected to Him, He still loved me. And though we can never love Him as much as He loves us, we should still try, starting from me. I think its a life-long journey, but I'm willing to set off this very second.

*gets distracted by putting up pics on her walls*

Hehe, incase you all didnt know, im officially addicted to heroes. Im on episode 13 of the first season and about to watch episode 14, man its the most amazing series ever!!


(p.s. a little shout out to Kai and Fran "soon to be famous" Galea x) hehe the ballet buddies who do maltese together xP)


Anonymous said...

im reading ur blogss be proud!!! i dont like heroes!! its taken u away from me and paul!! *drama!!!* loool but i luv u newayysss achieee...endlessly =P.. yes i even saw d video!! tc luver xxxxxxxxx

Bettina said...

XD dat last post was me..
Bettina =P