Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I have sooo much to say today its insane!

Firstly, I disconnected the webcam from the PC and stuck it to my laptop. At first it didn't work, at which point my sis told me it hasn't in ages. Then I managed to get the mic part of it to work, and then I got the camera to work. The problem.. they don't work at the same time. I have to reinstall it to get the other part to work.

I've been thinking about starting to vlog. I already have a channel on youtube, and I occasionally post video's I've made, but I do want to vlog. Negative points:

- Need the webcam to work both ways
- Need more confidence
As yet, vlogging is not an option. I have to try fix the webcam more first. Btw my channel is so subscribe xP.

I came from the hike in a very crappy mood with a severe need to be alone and cry.. which due to a series of unfortunate events was not possible. [thats a great read if ur interested] Anyway I came home and went on youtube to check out the fiveawesome vlogs' daily input. And today, both fiveawesomeguys and fiveawesome girls had the most inspirational and true-to-self vlogs I have ever seen. Here are the links, you should really check these vids out, my mood really improved after watching them! [it would also help cos im gna talk abt them in a mo]

italktosnakes (a member of the former who responded to today's vid):

Those vids made me rethink what I'm doing right now, I too am scared of the dark. I keep on imagining that someone's hiding there to get me. I get totally freaked out by an empty house, being the only one inside esp when it's getting dark or I'm in the shower freaks me out. Having dogs does three things: creates random noise that freaks you out; sometimes worries you cos you wonder if the "person" creating the noise got to them first... it doesn't give all that much comfort. Theyre too friendly anyway!

On another note, I'm kind of frustrated atm. Many reasons contribute to this, and I feel like I lost control on things I once knew (in a bad way, not a laying them down way); I'm feeling disrespected; I'm feeling ignored; and I am also occasionally feeling left out. Most things are entirely circumstantial and partially my fault, but there are a couple of things that are completely out of my reach and in others' hands. I'm also feeling pressured to look a particular way, I've lost confidence in my self and how I look. I was talking to Amy today about something of this manner and, even though everyone has some bodypart they don't like, some people's object of frustration is more visible, some people are more affected by it, some people take to heart stupid comments. I know I do.

Another thing is, today at the hike, everyone sort of split up.. I was looking forward to spending time with the people I call my friends, but we didn't spend that much time with each other after all.. we were constantly separated. By this I mean everyone separated.. I barely said hi to some D-Group buddies, I barely spoke to old friends, I hardly had a conversation with any of my closest friends...

I just love this pic! I don't really know why, it just looks so peaceful and... happy. Symbolically, you could say it symbolises the walk of life, the stone is a milestone - an event of great importance maybe, or another chapter in their life. The sky could be the fact that they have no limit to reaching whatever they want to. The craggy hilltops could be opportunities, they could show that they can reach the top if they tried, cos they have the abilities and talents to do so. And finally the two could symbolise friends caring for each other through the walk/trek/voyage.

And, I gotta say thanks to all those - esp Jesus - who have carried me when i was weak, who have lifted me when I fell, who have listened to me whine and complain and still stick by and ultimately made me smile again! Thanks guys =] loads of love and prayers coming your way =]

God bless you!

EDIT: Another of the fiveawesomegirls posted a video on the same topic which is also really gd...

Thursday, 20 March 2008

If you ever need Him..

To remind everyone that Jesus is always there =].


right.. this is going to be horrible and kind of embarassing on my side, but its to prove a worthy point.. so yeah...
Ok so I have some kind of thing on my feet, which decided to hollow out and become a little cave.. and now u wonder wat the hell I'm on about. Anyway, I'm now facing the looming appointment with the podologist to take it out.. which probably means a bigger hole. The hole i have is painful enough, and this "taking out" procedure doesn't usually involve anaesthetic (yeah.. i looked that up). So, let me tell you what it's like at my house at the moment. I'm obsessing over future pain, and my sister is lost in her thoughts about random things. These random things each involve about three useless questions to me.. and I'm not in the greatest mood for obvious reasons. So each of these useless and, forgive the statement, stupid questions, get me all worked up and snappy like never before.
So, I now move onto the worthiness of that disgusting bit. Jesus knew he was gonna have huge holes put into him, and all the torture beforehand. So I'm very much amazed at his patience. I already don't like the podologist, cos I'm very meanly blaming him for the pain, so how Jesus was so open to the soldiers is like WOW!

Ok well I better be off... wish me luck!! (pleaseeee)
disgusting little achie

Monday, 17 March 2008

These days

I'm totally in love with this song!! =] And I thought I'd post this vid cos one of the band members explains a bit about the song.

So, yesterday was great in my opinion. Yeah I know most of you are probably thinking wth? she was so pissy, how on earth could it have been great? Yeah, you're right, I was pissy and emo yesterday. But this morning I woke up unnaturally happy! And I blame it on yday xD I think I exhausted my pissiness and emoness... for this week anyway xXDx

*sings* I wanna finish last, Last in the world's eyes, No matter what I do, I will be first in your eyes */song*

I'm currently obsessing about Matthew West and Stellar Kart and Tim Hughes and Desperation Band... and JJ Heller...

anyways, here is where I thank zoe for her hospitality and urge u to go visit her blog *link in the sidebar* and where I wave to a very random person that goes by the name of Paula Camilleri =]

And here is where I say I spent the day watching friends and laughing with Zoe.. and I'm still singing the theme-song in my head. Dude, theyre one insane lot of friends *not at all like us ux ;P* somma... I enjoyed the sarcasm, cos I've been relatively forbidden from it myself due to many complaints xP.

*woah long post*

As a final thought, Paula thinks this guy from a programme is hot and I disagree. Could you girls pls search Mick St.John on google and post a comment abt wat u think.. I wanna know who's in the minority =P at least we agree abt Peter Petrelli XD

Blessings, hugs and much love,


Sunday, 16 March 2008


Hey people

*waves at the paulas* hmm.. i need to speak to petrelliboy. But I'm letting my shyness get in the way.. by get in the way i mean completely obstruct. "the strength you need is the strength you lack" in Matthew West's words.

And I'm being a loser and worrying about everyone. I mean seriously.. I've worried more in these past two or three weeks than I have in my entire life. So know you know.. I worry about you. (cos im a bassa)

A bird shat on my head today. Not very pleasant... but seemed to amuse people. I came home and stuck my head in the shower xD. Ehh my feet hurt xD Oh and drea, leave my legs alone =P they do not appreciate ur comments whatsoever! Thanks for the letter Amz, it's pretty!

Hmm.. and God told me something through none other than Leona Lewis. Which was odd.. cos *person* and I spent a while trying to figure something out, then on the way home i hear a very popular song by Leona Lewis on the radio and I'm like "thats it!!" *mentally obviously* and msged *person* who inevitably got confused.

(8) Lollipop lollipop ooh lolli lolli lolli lollipop (8)

*waves at petrelliboy, who has no idea who I am*
God bless you all, and please dnt give me reason to worry =P praying for the lot of you =]

Monday, 10 March 2008

we think.. {aka I think..}

Hey boys! (yes I know there are girls reading this too. I'm in a mood)

In the process of taking all my music from the family PC to my laptop a while ago, some files were "lost in transit" without my realising - until i felt like listening to them and didnt find them. Anyway whilst reading Maria Angela's blog (link over there -->) I heard one of them, a song called Saviour by 29th Chapter and Tim Hughes. Its basically like a "remix" of When the Tears Fall, but more amazing, with more cool words =]

In other news, I'm reveling in simplicity and reflection. Oddly enough, despite that I feel like I haven't really thought about anything at all. =/ anyways.. just thought I should post a quick blogpost since I haven't really done that in a while.. *bows in formal apology signifiying humility* =]

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Music and Poetry

Hey people =]
So today was quite relaxed. I went on msn a bit, and I cooked a bit, and I watched the videos up on the five friends which i hadn't yet cos I'm lazy. Anyway, I really like them! Ok so there was only one new one, but I still love them xD.

The first (I give you my heart - Reuben Morgan) I hadn't sung in a while and it was nice to just recommit. Then the second one (More - Matthew West) nearly made me cry. Mighty to Save was as usual - true. The fourth (Only Grace - Matthew West) I knew of already and is a very very pretty song. And another song I would like you all to watch cos of it's amazingness is Still Calls Me Son by John Waller. Song reccomendations over, I would like to "publish" something I wrote last night/this morning at 2.40am:

Oh God. A teary eyed smile
from a daughter reconciled
A glimmer of hope
Shining through
A love for you so deeply sought
You the man who my freedom bought
With your precious blood
A grace bestowed unimaginable to me
A chance to live life freely
Oh God. This teary eyed smile
From a daughter reconciled
Brings happiness to both
And a glimmer of hope

So that's about it for today. Hope you lot are all doing well and if u wanna complain, find me and complain, cos I rlly don't mind. =) Love and hugs,


Saturday, 1 March 2008

My Soul Survivor Day =]

Heylo ppl,
Guess what I did today? xD. My sis n I decided to cook breakfast.. which was hilarious xD We ended up with so many things cos we have such different tastes. Half the table was full of food. I like peas & tomatoes, she doesn't; She likes toast, I don't. So yeah.. that was funny.

Then I realised I need to re-TimHughesify myself (hehe yeah I invented a word, so smile =P). That nonsensical word basically means that I haven't listened to Tim Hughes in a while, and all of a sudden I rlly need to. Cos I really like the songs, they never grow old and boring. You simply can't stop liking them. And they also serve as a reference to judge other music as good/bad/nb. And I'm having a Soul Survivor day =].

And you know what I'm doing now? (haha I love these rhetorical questions that u cant answer xP) A few days ago I sorted my sms inbox, and cos it was overflowing I wrote down all the verses I got in messages on a paper. And today I'm using BibleGateway to find them and copy them onto coloured paper to stick up on my walls! And I'm enjoying myself doing that =)

And you know what else I'm doing now? (XD) I'm listening to a Tim Hughes playlist with Enchanted and Lincoln Brewster. And I'm just reminiscing about the past two years of my life, in which I gained 3/4 of my lifetime experiences! Which brings me to thank everyone who was - and is - a part of those two years and my life, and most especially God =]. (haha sounds like an acceptance speech for a non-existant award)

Look, pretty picture:
look at the heroes-ness of it all XD. I'm off to continue my Soul Survivor day =] If u feel like talking just sms me, I'm in the mood xD!

Hugs and love,