Monday, 28 April 2008

Not of this world...

Happy and not, but who cares, its not worth the hassle to fix everything. If people don't care then there's nothing you can do to make them, I guess! Some apparent friendships have gone down the drain in the past few weeks, and i can't say I'm really bothered about it. I could tell it was happening, and I got confused about the way i was being thought of by them.. sometimes they were sweeter than sugar and sometimes they pissed me off bad. In anycase, I'm not going to waste my time again and worry for weeks, get rlly upset only to be ignored. It's happened to me before, and from experience, its better to let go and then start again later.

Ok I cnt be serious anymore, Zoe, Paula and Chrissy are cracking me up xD So people, Chrissy is my wife - as facebook kindly states; and I always do overtime on Fridays... at Zoe :P; and Paula is my Ex(star) ><>< It's like the best idea my forcefilm buddy ever came up with :P (u loser zoe :P)

OOTG coming soon with a Big Bang!! :P *stupid puns are rly funny when you're bored at midnight, sry if it sounds supahlame by morning!)

Friday, 25 April 2008

The Quiet Rebel

ooh look I'm blogging! xD haha I didn't feel like vlogging for multiple reasons:
1) I'm still in pj's o:)
2)what I have to say isn't really that entertaining, and will probably need multiple adjustments to make it decent xP

I've come to realise that cos of this whole vlog thing, everything I see or do becomes an inspiration and kinda helps me appreciate all those moments so much more. Like a sequence of words; two people talking and you're like the third in the conversation, and you're watching and listening to their comebacks. Those little things that make life fun become "video moments" *the new Kodak moments ;)* and you end up rating their viewability or entertainment in a split second, and love the experience all the more for it! So thats a creativity boost :)

*notice I'm going old school with the emoticons*

I finally got Safari to work properly. I had downloaded flash like 5 times, then giving up on using safari despite preferring the interface considerably. Then a lightbulb flashed *cue: mental image of me with a lightbulb floating on top of my head and my hand in the air pointing up* and I realised I hadn't been prompted to run them, so I double clicked the icon-thing and it came up.. that caused me some embarrassment to myself for being so ignorant xD. Oh and also, IE has so much rubbish attatched to it, I couldn't watch Juno on a player-thingy, which was another reason why I wanted to use Safari.

*moving on..*

I read this month's "Psychologies" magazine this morning. (yes, I read a magazine xD) and most of it was just repetition of the same old stuff, but on the last page they always do one of those quick celebrity interviews that fit on an A4 size page. It happened to be of a guy who starred in Juno (not that they mentioned it, but its the same dude) and one of the questions they asked was if he was a conformist or a rebel. He said the following:

"I'm a quiet rebel. I like to do my own thing, go my own way. I don't like being told what to do, unless it's my someone I respect."

And due to that, I finally found the phrase I've always been looking for to define myself. I don't shout out my oppositions or rebellions, I leave it to people to notice. That's not to say they always do, or that it always has the desired effect, but the kind of rebellion that comes from me is almost always about-face, unpublicised, raw and personal. I don't do it for anyone else, or to say "ara jien, I'm a rebel"; I do it because I want to do what I think is right for me, or right in general, indifferent to what the current general idea is.

*realises this is a long post, but has more to say*

And I read another magazine on wednesday... "Marie Claire" had an article that attracted my attention, so I took it off the stand and took it home (I sometimes borrow magazines from my parent's shop, read them and put them back unscathed). That article turned out to be totally boring, but there was another article - about Natalie Portman - that looked interesting. I had always had some respect for her, because she's known as the "intellectual actress" and that's unique and, if you think about it, it's probably one of the best labels an actress can be given my the media. Anyways, so I read the 8 page article and decided she tops most actresses, simply for her opinions. (yeah yeah, stupid categorisation, but I decided that she's another reason I have to get round to watching Star Wars. *feels like an under-qualified geek*) And she's of dual nationality (and so am I, so I'm no longer worried about being a mudblood xP) Anyhow, this made me laugh:

"I'm off party politics because I don't feel represented by any part anymore."

Now if anyone had spoken to me during the election hype, my answer would have been something along those lines :P
Ok, enough about that, cos if I were to mention everything that struck me in the article then I could write for another two hours and I'm not in the mood.

Erm... I like Leeland and Starfield :)

And, Happy Birthday Amy *for like the billionth time but anyway* x) hehe special waves to Drea "salad buddy" (according to pete :P) Paula and Chrissy "pizza buddies" who between them almost killed me with laughter :P and to Maria Angela cos I "brushed her hair" with a fork (didn't actually, but I pretended to) and to Pete, Pete and Brooks cos thanks to them my legs are sore xP

Now I go and do some Physics and revise some German for my oral at 6,
Rach xxxx

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

ooh lala

mm yes, so I was bored XD when I think of something I'll blog properly again xP

Thursday, 17 April 2008

o.O awesome valpost =]

Val, the salad to my peaches (^-^), created a blog yesterday, and posted a very cool story today!!!

yuss she's a better vlogger than me =] and i love love love love it!!

achie and kai go to the cinema! *yay* xP

hehe yeah, thats basically it....

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Wait for it...

Yeah... that last post has had more comments than any ever before!!! XD

anyways, here goes nothing:

pretty quote:
Only as high as I reach can I grow; only as far as I reach can I go. Only as deep as I look can I see; only as much as I dream can I be.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

John Mayer

yes, get over it, I'm in love with John Mayer xD and it's all paul's fault!! *mumbles something about paul's need to make me see better guitar players*

anyway, I'm amused by his wisecracks, i mean seriously, who doesn't like a guy who takes the mick out of Ryan Seacrest everytime he sees him? And also the lyrics of his songs blow me away - yeah he's also a good guitarist *i jk i jk* he's an awesome guitarist xD

Yeah.... and... he's got a very active brain too, he speaks japanese (granted, so could my mum, but she's of a different age group) and his most recent blog (not written by a publicist) has some rlly good thoughts! By that I mean philosophical stuff to make you think your ass off. link:

this next video is basically him joking around on the ellen degeneres show in 06 i believe:

and this one is on second jan 07. He chats a while then performs "gravity":

Ok so the coolest vids are embedded and the less cool but still totally awesome ones are linked. Yes - I do realise most of you don't watch the vids, but if you ever watch a vid posted on this blogspot, do watch the ones in these posts, trust me, its worth it!! xD

annndd yeah, this one is kinda ironic, cos he's 6'4" *no i dnt stalk him, he mentioned the irony in an interview* and its called bigger than my body:
It's about how at that point, people liked the sound, but he wasn't credited as the maker of it, people just rushed by to get to the sound they liked *You can learn a lesson from that - we do it so often with God*

and this one, is one of my faves, I feel like that so often its unbelievable - if i can't manage to do something for myself cos I'm too lazy or cos I know I can but I don't want the hassle of doing it (like O levs) I'll do it just to show the people who have criticised me that I am more than capable!!
*gets really pissed off when she realises it can't be embedded* so here's like one of the awesomest ones ok.. *still pissed off*
((girls check out that smile xD))

yup, I do realise this is one of the girliest and least mature posts ever - but hey - I'm a girl =]

oh and you might have noticed im kinda changing somehow, it hit me today - I used to try promote my superiority in dance at school *I'm not a coolio so I do my best to show im gd at something* and today I really didn't. I wanted to see how my school is split up from within, and goodness me, the mocking and blaming and "follow the leader"ness that went on is insane!! And I grew =S again... *waves at becky s. cos I'm now officially taller than her* hmm and some other things I'm not going to mention on my blog for reasons unknown to you =]

Goodbye and God Bless!!

oh and I finish school tomorrow =]

Friday, 4 April 2008

ooooh! *poke*

Hmm, well I'm assuming everyone has noticed my random obsession with Boyce Avenue... I shan't bother going on about them, cos I think I've bothered you lot enough, but I'll post my fave song of theirs: (Hear Me Now)

thar we blow! Anyways... on to more interesting things!
Today I had ballet for the first time in two months, and out of a class of nine, only four of us wer actually there! Nicola, Kai, and Fran didn't come to school; Katy & Danielle did sports instead. (At SMF we usually have to chose one or the other but in fifth form the ballet girls tend to swap at times) So it was just Vlada, Pippa, Martha and I. It was quite an amusing class actually. We usually fool about and refuse to do all the warm up skipping, but this time we did it for longer than usual and no1 complained.. we missed ballet that much! Anyway, since we were so few and we didn't do much syllabus this year; and Ms.Anne was writing in Martha and Vlada's school leavings; we stretched and exercised a` la` gymnastics in most cases XD (three of us are ex-gymnasts therefore our stretching and exercising is reminiscent of that) anywayyyys, then while Vlada and I kept on stretching, the other three and Ms. Claire discussed details about going to Calabria. Then we were given some open work, which confused me for a while till i got the hang of it, and even then I was extremely sloppy!! :0

So that was the most interesting part of today, tomorrow's interesting time shall be my English Listening comprehension. And figuring out where to go to eat after Y4J.. I'm really fed up of McD's; and after a short discussion it was concluded that the nearby BKing is grimy..

On the goodnewsnessness... Today my mum, sis n i went to the pet shop to get cat food and a bone for each of the dogs, and it so happened that there were dried pigs' ears for dogs too. So I decided I wanted to know what a pig's ear is like and I picked it up, much to the disgust of my sister. Then I saw some other interesting bodily remnant, the femur of *thinks* a pig. Which I also picked up. It was pretty cool, the ball joint was entirely clean which I'm assuming was due to the cartilage separating it from any attatchment, unlike the rest of it. (btw, its a pig because it was a parma ham bone) And theennn I saw a huge bone and my mind went *oooohhhh* the guy said it was of a bull/bison *forgot* anyway, it was wrapped and cleaned so i decided to see how it compared to my own. It was thicker, the knee was way huger! but anyway.... was cool XD And I decided that next time my mum buys a fish I'm gna spend half an hour - an hour cleaning it out with my bio notes next to me! So yeah, maybe I should go for something doctorey.. or more surgeoney maybe. Which is good news to a mind of too many interests.

Hmm yeah, thats it for now!
Blessings n love

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

You know?

You know.. I would blog.... but I'm being very emo. atm and have absolutely nothing to say. I'm drained emotionally, physically and mentally! So I guess I'll invent something at a later date.. till then DFTBA!