Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Right. So, at the doc yday I was told that apparently my thyroid gland is swollen and a bit out of place. And I'm being referred to a specialist for that n my headaches. (at six today... aaaaah!)

And that's about it for now!
ttyl xx

Monday, 26 May 2008

Quick update

Hey guys
I'm pretty relieved we only have Animal Farm left. I like literature, it just sticks in my brain :).
Quick wave to Amy, who's very pretty and very talented and i love her to bits *squish*

I've had quite a busy weekend, which i didn't really mind. Now this week is gna be hectic!! Plus a visit to the doctor this afternoon (i was going to go earlier, but plans changed).  And then I'll update u on that. Ah.... I dyed my hair, but you can't see it till I meet u :P

Congrats Ben!

This blog is going to be kind of random, cos I'm doing loads of things at one go so the fluidity of writing is entirely lost.

My fingers on my left hand are hurting me XD I've been practicing guitar again, and since i haven't in ages, my fingers r sore all over again! Moving on.. That above is my fave pic at the moment :) It was taken in Valletta at watsitcalled... hmmm.. someone tell me what it's called.

My grandparents are coming on Sunday!! I haven't seen them since last June so yay! And I've been emailing a cousin in America recently who I also haven't seen since then. So I'm enjoying that too at the moment.

Happy Birthday Kai, Maria Angela and Fran! Sorry I can't spend Sunday with you guys, but there's always Saturday evening!!

And to end with a random slogan:
True friendship isn't being inseperable. It's being separated and nothing changes.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Funnyness XD

haha, I was just linked to a blogspot saying this:

"Paul Gatt, one of the two sons of Austn Gat, the minister holding the portfolio for Communications and National Projects, is expected to be nominated as Governor of Smart City, a campus sized collection of buildings that is being constructed in Malta’s otherwise derelict south. The other son of Austn Gat, Gege, is also a lawyer and also one of the owners and directors of Icon Studios. Icon Studios has also made great contributions to the development of ICT in Malta, in part through its exalted and exclusive access to the policy makers and government contracts."

I found it really amusing, and I was convinced Paul wrote it as a prank for about ten minutes xP. But apparently not. I won't give the link, cos I was tempted to comment which I've been forbidden to do, so I won't tempt u :)

Anyhow, Environmental today was pretty good, the social essays were best in my opinion - I got to put my opinion in it which is always fun xD. Tomorrow I'm meeting Edwin (aka Sara :P) to do some studying and compare notes *mine are rubbish* for Religion on Saturday.

Bonsoir Julie, Ik hou van jou *gros bisous*

God bless =)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Hey guys,
I was just praying about five minutes ago... I'm so stressed I just picked up my guitar and started trying to teach myself a new song. For me to do that is pretty much something.
Anyway and I was praying I kept thinking how I really don't like chemistry anymore. Its a subject that I find interesting in the sense of general knowledge rather than a love of the topics, as is bio. So it occurred to me that maybe something medical isn't really up my street, and so I'm back to square one... which brings me to this post. 
As I was still in prayer, just basically talking to God about how things had changed etc, I somehow thought of asking you lot in the form of comments. I realise that not many people read this, which in a way is good, cos I guess you're the ones that know me better... So what can you see me doing?

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Star inspored me to blog (yes inspOred) :P. It's just a quickie for now and very random, as the following will testify, I'm literally putting what I think to a bullet:
  • 3 O's down and another 7 to go
  • Chemistry on Thursday...
  • Summer's going to be nuts
  • Emails rock
  • Imo quirkyjordi is among the top youtubers and her in my lifetime vid needs to be featured
  • Tictacs ftw :)
  • I might have Drea-itis
  • outofthisgalaxy girls rock... we're made of nebulae and awesome. and we're not of this world.
  • I miss writing letters to people every week but don't have the time to start again
  • Happy Birthday Jeanelle, Brooks and Stephen
  • YT is fun
  • Facebook is getting dull
  • I have more points than u
  • Does Ben Cantelon get awesomer every time you listen to him?
  • The simplest things are the prettiest
  • Why can't things stay simple? Must it be a continual effort to bring life back to the basics?
  • I'm stressed
  • Kristu Re girls... how many months has it been? Aren't Cara and I meant to be "giving birth" soon?
  • I'm going to have a surprise for almost all of you on Saturday :)

Thursday, 8 May 2008

All Because of O Levels *sigh*

a little video, with pics, clips, stupidity and paintings :)

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Ideas and Trees

Right, if ideas were trees I'd have a forest rushing through my brain right now. I think I'm going to list this :P :
1) How to say this... Actual exams aren't bothering me. Exams never bothered me much, I've even gone as far as to say I've liked them in the past. Just the proximity and difficulty of the ones I have next week is bothering me, and my relative apathy towards it. It's like I worry and get all worked up about it and then can't start doing anything about it, which bothers me yet again.

2)I have a song on repeat at the moment and I think you should check it out :) It's called Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches. This is the cover by the actors from Juno, and This is sorta like a trailer to this song which i find awesome.

3) Juno is an awesome film - go watch it!

4) I've made a painting everyday since Friday. I might put scanned pics of some later on, mostly cos I only have one scanned sp far and the other is still not entirely dry..

5) I don't think I can possibly like the works of C.S Lewis any better than I presently do... I'm beginning to think him a literary and theological genius, as well as a possible philologist(?) *random trivia: did you know he inspired J.K. Rowling?*

6) I can't wait to finish with these blessed O levels so I can get back to learning guitar, writing, and more art.. I've had to cut out the first two almost completely and I try to limit myself with the latter (hard when you have blank paper and pastels, pencils and paints on your desk :/ )

7) John Mayer has been posting in-studio updates daily which I must say is incredibly interesting. Pics and vids, so yay :) (www.johnmayer.com/blog)

I think that's it! Oh and I posted a short blog on FiveFriends, so check that out *esp if you're one of the five..*
God bless, and remember, no-one likes spammers :) *some of u may know exactly what I mean by that*

achie xxx