Sunday, 29 June 2008

Of Babies and Thoughts

Hello people :)
I'm in somewhat of a long winded mood so I hope that this will actually be a long post for once xD
First things first, I found my camera :D Turns out it was in plain sight, which just goes to show how I can never see what's right in my face xD anyway moving on.
On the way home from Pete's (fabulous) party *lols at fabulous* I was listening to my iPod and praying, and I said "thanks for such a brilliant day - it wasn't perfect, but it was brilliant none the less". And it got me thinking. As individuals none of us are perfect, I myself am far from it. But God thinks we're brilliant anyway :). Just how my day had it's ups and downs, it was a learning and insightful experience, as well as extremely enjoyable... and thats how we are, we've all got our faults, but through it all the positive outweighs the negative, and God is always pleased with any little achievement or personal accomplishment... After all, they make us better people and therefore even more positive ;).
And about two songs later, this song came up: I really hope you'll watch it, I found it hilarious xD. Granted its from veggie tales, but its insane xD

welcome back from Rome, Paul... you should write a letter to all the Romans you met :P Especially the ones at the church you founded there xP *really stupid yet entirely necessary Paul/Romans joke* And happy birthday Louis and Pete! *suddenly realises why Peter is called Peter, feels very slow*
...moving on... the wireless internet seems to despise my room, so I'm currently sitting in a very hot kitchen in order to type all this. I don't like hot rooms. 
Anyways, tomorrow is a busy day (why are Mondays the busiest days!?) First creche with Zoe and Bet, then Agenda to pick up some books for Zoe, then a bus to my house where Zoe and Bet will Wii while I make a salad for the BBQ then beach :D Hopefully it will all go to plan, which i still sort of doubt seeing as nothing ever does, despite the best wishes *NFpun* of all those involved.
Sometimes I feel like such a loser having all these inside jokes with no-one to share them with xD even though I think Zoe will understand... not sure. Anyway this room just seems to be getting hotter -.- Either that or I'm fed up of writing and want to sleep, so I'm feeding you lies and half-truths. You'll never know :P (or I could just tell you its a bit of both, but that would be spoiling the fun wouldn't it?)
Hmm.. this really doesn't flow much does it? In my defense its stream-of-consciousness, but I don't think my stream runs parallel to many others, so I hope it makes some sense to you at least.
Ok, so right now I'm discussing the characters of the babies at the creche with paul, and I mentioned how they have favourites between themselves and how some know all the other's names but dnt tell you their own etc.. it's quite intriguing. Especially since I didn't realise three year old children were capable of having a crush! Which I have now seen them perfectly capable of doing. (fyi - wendy likes jayden and kim likes lucas) Guys, if you feel like giving something to the kids, I'd suggest a Winnie the Pooh ball.. they all fought over it last time, even though they had about four other balls available..
Ok now I'm fed up of blogging xD
bye *wave*

Monday, 23 June 2008

Uhm... sorry?

Hello :) Long time no post xD
I'm kind of boring at the moment, so I didn't have much to say anyway! But now I do. At half past midnight.
Firstly, a welcome to all new bloggers xD. (Betty, Chanelle, Max, Lilly and others)
And for the content of this post. On the forum *debz* linked to a site of this guy called Sam Clear who was walking around the world to pray for Christian unity. Everyday at 4:01 pm/am its unity prayer-time. And anyway, he has a blog, in which he posts updates every week. I must admit they're long, and if you're an english freak you'll notice some spelling mistakes, but anyway, the point is they're really insightful and intriguing. To be honest I spent over an hour today reading the latest posts, and thanks to illy, the people who have joined the prayer chain this week was the average multiplied by ten - fifty. In fact he mentioned it in yesterday's update:
"'ve noticed that the number of people signed up to pray at 4:01 has jumped by over 50 this week (compared to the normal 5 ot 6 a week) so for whatever reason this is, thankyou to whoever may have had a hand in spreading the invitation!"
 So anyway, just check it out. It speaks very much for itself.

Tomorrow is hectic. Tomorrow is very hectic. So much so, I'm considering sleeping within the next fifteen minutes. I don't feel like I should describe my plans here, cos we all know last minute changes are commonplace with these things. Extension of a particular activity, the cancellation of another due to tiredness or too much fun doing something else, inconvenience, postponing etc. Just know I have my plate full xD.
And now I'm off :)
Blessings, hugs and waves!

Sunday, 8 June 2008


hey people
I haven't blogged in ages, and yet I have no excuse. This last week was pretty tough, but I've understood some things, and got confused about others. But hey, that's life - a constant learning process that confuses and explains. **warning** Christian beginning, not-so-God-related ending, for all those who would rather not read my Christian ramblings.
I've been listening to this song a lot recently :

My fave lines are most definitely "
the minor fall and the major lift" "the baffled king composing Hallelujah" "It's not a cry you hear at night, it's not somebody who's seen the light, it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah". They're just so striking. The first gives hope, that for every stumble, you're lifted up higher than where you were before. The second is also hopeful cos it points out that some of the world's greatest hymns, which came from psalms, were written by an upset or hurt king (King David). The third seems to acknowledge the fact that the truest "hallelujahs" aren't said when things are going well, but rather, when through it all you still worship God when you're going through tough times and you say it with an audience of One.

this pic is really cool, I saw it on a vid maria angela made, so I asked her for it and she willingly obliged :) I made it big so you can read it for yourself. I find it really captivates a feeling so hard to describe. It explains all that you feel when in the presence of Jesus. 'Tis awesome :)

On another, less intelligent note, people are bugging me XD. I feel like being a loner, or "a loner in company" as lola says.
To be a loner, you mustn't simply be alone. You have to stay alone when there are people around, cos otherwise you're alone not a loner... u understand? *realises rhetorical questions really don't work when typing a blog but anyway* Right now I'm alone xD but I feel like being a loner XD

And quite contradicting is the fact that I met someone who is really sweet and totally awesome in the past two weeks.. she goes by the name of Lilly :P and she catches buses with me, which is how I got to know her, being randomly on the same bus as her, going to the same place at the same time.... and having someone you know on a bus ride that lasts an hour is good, even if you only have a vague acquaintance with them xD so... yeah

Is anyone else feeling cold? I'm here sitting on my bed in my "miracle maker" hoodie from s.s. and black tracksuit bottoms xD
..moving on.. thank ye twins for yesterday, twas very enjoyable :) . *Thinks randomly of Jane Austen-related things, cos I'm that much of an obsessive reader* I'm reading Mansfield Park at the moment. I still prefer Pride and Prejudice, but I must admit, this comes a close second, which is why I'm reading it again too.

:O:O:O:O My grandparents just gave me 100 Euros for Soul Survivor!!
And now i go eat =)

Sunday, 1 June 2008

I still believe

the lyrics r in the vid :)

I still believe - Jeremy Camp