Friday, 1 August 2008

The elusive one

Hey Beck and Maria Angela :)

And all you other readers ;)

I promised a blog, so a blog you're getting. It's twenty to one, and my sis is shooing me out of the room, but having a distinct lack of internet facilities in my room, due to crappy wifi,  I can't shoo. Or won't shoo. Either way, I'm not moving xD.

So, today before the workshop I decided to paint my idea of thankfulness, which was basically being thankful for God being personal and relational, and available to talk to at any time we wish. I'll scan the pic tomorrow :) And anyway, in the half hour we spent worshipping together, I wrote down my thoughts and a few bible verses, as I often do, and ended up first writing a few lines, then a separate paragraph, then a short poem. All different yet the same. The same thoughts said much differently etc. And then I sketched ideas for a series to join my initial painting. It includes a head, hands, feet and I'm thinking of a stomach. I decided to call them the Anatomy of Worship :) Very cheesy. Very up-in-the-air, cos I might not get round to producing anything. But I'll try aye xD

These past few days taught me how amazing God's creation is. Seeing the sunrise in Comino, rising from the horizon, all bright and pink, like a blazing ball of highlighter ink. And I also saw the moon. The moon was whole and round, with the bottom section reflecting the sunlight. It no longer looked simply like a crest, but I sort of saw it for what it really is. That was really inspiring. It reminded me of all those stone carvings by ancient civilisations, which I thought were odd for having drawn the moon as a circle with a crest, but comino was devoid of light pollution, so, as I said, it was inspiring. I guess it reminded me of the simplicity I love. I was getting too complicated, and over thinking and what-not, but seeing all that natural beauty the way it was intended to be showed me how beautiful we all are, how beautifully God created us. Just the basics, just the real us, just the truth. Who-ever you are, what-ever you've done, however much you think you screwed up, God really loves you. Yes, its cliche. But its true. You are beautiful, inside and out. The only thing that could tarnish your innate beauty is not being true to self and true to God. So be real, be you, be who God wants you to be. Love with your open heart, love anyone and everyone. It's a daunting task, obviously. But slowly, I'm learning to do so. I can honestly say I love more people right now than I ever have before. To be frank, I want the same to be said tomorrow. I want to love more people tomorrow. Wouldn't it be cool to love everyone? I think it would :)

Anyhow, I spent an hour writing and re-writing that, still unconvinced of its legibility and/or understandability. So there you have it. A blogpost. Long and winding, yet meaningful to me at least :)

Love and hugs x


BeCk said...

haha hw swt u did it XD i feel special :P and as i said i checked it XD and im commentin :) hehe oo i rly loved ur drawing yesterday it was so beautiful man lovely and it has such a gud meanin =D hmm comino sounds fun and its true its when we're just like lookin at God's creations how we seem to realise these things :) :) :) i think it would be cool to love everyone too =D =D =D
Gbu n tc x x x

maria angela said...

*yaay* xD

amen ach!! :) i loved the beautiful thoughts and reflections of yours, do keep it up!! ill be looking forward to see ur drawing xixi!! :D

God bless u loadz

Elaine said...

i agree with everything u said ach :) great blog... its all very true and we all need to be reminded what you said so thanks xD
Gb xxxx

Julie said...

Love and hugs back ! I haven't been on your blog for such a long time, what a mistake, love it !
Bisous !