Thursday, 1 January 2009

No preddy pictures :'(

I figured it wouldn't be such a good idea to have an empty blog for much longer. Therefore this post will probably be rubbish =D I guess you can say that lately most of what I've been doing is thinking. Not anything spectacular, just the usual stuff. And I had a few ideas for blogs too, but didn't do anything about it (sry)... After spending an hour looking for the pic that was "juuuust right" online (to no success) I got frustrated and gave up on that one. But I guess I'll just write the story down without the preddy pictures :(

So, back at slum survivor (long time, i know) I was thinking about how broken i felt, and how unworthy of receiving Him i was. That thought led me to food (I had eaten nothing for 13 hours, so it's understandable), and how when you make some fancy dish or a good proper meal, you don't use cheap, dirty, chipped and cracked plates. You use clean plates, shiny, elegant plates that complement what you're serving. I think you know where I'm going with this. WE are those foul, dirty plates that seem to downgrade the most splendid banquet. It looks quite out of place too.. try picture fancy gourmet food (which you usually see on big white plates) on a small broken piece of carved wood. Same goes for the wine, obviously.

*i apologise if you didn't get any of that, I'm quite tired and a bit unwell but i felt bad for my blog XD.*

I'll leave some things I learnt in Switzerland for another post. Nighty night!

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R.T said...

it tastes different too!