Sunday, 29 March 2009

Stream and Ribbons

- For a change I'm still happy with my desktop background (:
- Three songs describe my life right now:
True Things - JJ Heller
The Purest Place - Tim Hughes & Watermark
Give Me Jesus - Jeremy Camp
I'm in quite a mellow mood really.
- On the subject of moods, I want to spend tomorrow barefoot. But I can't lol.
- My neck hurts cause im at a funny angle against the wall
- I went to two open days today. Hopefully something will come out of it, cause I need the flusies for SS. This year I want to buy a bit more than I did last year. More books, more cds, more clothes. It's so much more efficient than ordering online, and probably cheaper.
- I think I want to start doing something again... Like having something to do every tuesday or w/e. If only there was snow in Malta =/ I swear, everytime I see a hill I mentally navigate myself down to the bottom on a board. And I imagine where I could do some fancy turns, how close to the edge I'd go and how I'd angle myself, and where I'd speed up. It's getting obsessive.
- I really really really really really miss dancing
- I kind of miss acting too, although a lot less than i miss dancing. And since all I ever took part in was musicals, the singing while dancing thing is also to be missed. It's hard, but once you start it's really addictive xD
- I found a lot of old music and I'm really enjoying listening to it. By old, I don't mean age-wise (unlike some people i could mention :P) but I haven't listened to it in an age.
- I rekindled (oxygen rekindles a glowing splint. Ms. Edel would be proud xD) my fondness of revamped hymns. Like the kind of thing David Crowder, and also ocassionally Tim Hughes do. I think I just like the style of language and the simplicity of it all. Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the right era XD
- I don't like this whole losing an hour of sleep thing. It's rather rude.
- Brooks is a glowing red colour, and I find it really funny miskin xD.
- Ben likes twilight! The news practically made my friday.
- *this song is rubbish*
- haha enya XD
- I need some new music. *pokes bettina* ejja be :P
- My eyes are closing...


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Captchas and ramblings


Firstly.. ingsta: singstar gangster
and that is why I love captchas (:

Let's start with monday.
I didn't actually go to maths, and i found shoes half an hour before i was meant to be waiting for the bus to pick us up. Thankfully the others were waiting outside bluebar, and i no longer looked like an overdressed fool. It must have been quite a funny sight.. seven teenage girls in suits crossing the road and loading into a minivan, then walking through valletta. Anyway, we get to this meeting thing. Let's just say that my sole input was described in terms food while everyone was being quite philosophical. At least the general secretary of PAM and the minister of foreign affairs now know me as the "half dutch girl who talks about cuisine" (no joke). I enjoyed it, although i think it was a bit shallow. Everyone was trying too hard to be politically correct and not to come across as racist (apart from zoe, who had the opposite effect :P) that most of the disucussion was centred around the arab states. Sommies, I had a very nice private discussion with a PAM member who is half danish and half moroccan, and looked like she could have been ben cantelon's sister. In fact, I think what she asked has more practical relevance to the organisation than any of the discussion did. It made me think, except now i forgot exactly where my thoughts were headed. Something about the little things being the defining ones, i believe. Or actually.. I think it was more like: although the lenten talks are a great way to outreach to people, a simple conversation might actually be more life-changing. Heck, it can be applied to a lot if you think hard enough.

Anyway, then i met yanica on the bus, and we both sat there, in our suits on the bus with nametags and a folder with the government seal on it. I have to say, we got more than a few looks x) Then we walked to the church bla bla, then the dance (which had to be repeated due to a sound malfunction) and a very nice evening (:

Skip to every other day of my week, which has so far been spent in the library, at lectures, or at the church. And about two hours at uni on wednesday. (where i got soaked beyond belief)

I always love Thursdays at the Lenten Talks. I got paint on my hand cause kai doesnt know how to paint without sending the stuff flying. Which reminds me, I can't wait to see the finished result of Mike's painting! I've seen the other stuff he's done during worship in the past, and even used them as my desktop thingy cause i like them so much x) He showed me his inspiration before the talk started, and it looks to be interesting. Sara's poem was so real.. I read it when she gave it to me, and I loved it. That reminds me.. I miss our biweekly trips to valletta! Which reminds me, the biblog experiment was quite cool (:
Anyhow, when Tutzi said this meeting is dedicated to showcasing the multitude of ways to worship (much like the summer thingy Sam, Bet and I gave last summer), I had no idea how right she was. I've always loved writing, it kind of evolved from a love of reading. Short stories, longer ones, poems, even songs at one point.. There's a lot that never gets written. And to be honest, it's been a while since I did anything. I have no idea why I stopped, cause I really enjoyed it. Anyway, as you might have guessed by now, provided with paper (the back of sara's poem) and I assumed Val would have a pencil (she did), I started writing. "See His Love" just put something in place and that was it. I don't think I'll post it here though. The point of the matter is that the freedom I felt during and after writing it was liberating. Cliche as it may be, i really did feel like i was floating. I felt less heavy and weighed down. It's extremely wierd, cause it wasn't some major work of literary excellence. In fact, it's quite rubbish by my own standards. But at the same time it expressed what I couldn't. (makes no sense, i know) Ok, I think i should sleep now xD Supercalifragilistic test tomorrow =/


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Of grace and thumbtacks

I feel like murdering blogger. This is the second time in half an hour that I was almost finished with my post when it all vanished. I’m now writing on MS Word and I’ll paste it when I’m done.
On Friday there was the launch at Le Meridien, and it was superb (: It sounded better than the actual CD imho! Although, if I have to see the Lenten talks promo one more time I will have a nervous breakdown thirty years too soon. Gege (Paul’s brother) took some spectacular pics of the night, with his now-famous giant lens xD Here’s the fb album with about 18 of them (pics, not lenses):
On Saturday we had rehearsals at 4, after which I went to Zoe’s house for a quick shower/change/general catch-up before mass. After mass we had the intercessiony-thingy for the Lenten talks. It was amazing in its simplicity... around fifty of us on the altar and one guitar. It made a real difference being only fifty people as opposed to about a hundred and fifty. There was a kind of intimacy and togetherness which is hard to experience when you’re so many. Thinking back, I think it was more to do with the focus than anything. I mean, the people there weren’t newbies (not that I have anything against them), these were the people actively involved in the talks and people who really had a heart for God and weren’t just feeling around. It felt to me like we were giving a private performance to God in His house, as a choir who adored him (: It was just... raw and real and even tangible in some odd way. I don’t really know if that makes any sense, but that’s what it felt like. Then we went to McDonalds (what’s new?) and I bought something I didn’t feel like eating, simply out of habit (which is very stupid). Sam ate it in the end, and in return he did card tricks designed solely to make a fool out of their audience (that is, me and/or matt naudi) Then I jumped tables for a while and ended up sitting under the Disney channel with the old people (a statement which they passionately deny). I can’t say the conversation was much more educated than the ones I had left...
Sunday *hums U2 song*: I woke up to brownies XD I sent out summer job applications to loadsa places, and then the joy of rehearsals. Ooh actually, in between I passed by Bonnie’s house and borrowed a suit from her xD. Anyway, rehearsals were fine, except I slipped doing the pirouette the first time we did the dance. That means there’s no way I’m dancing in shoes. Socks or barefoot please, dear choreographers :P. Two people told me that I dance more gracefully than they expected... I’ll have you know that I’m a dancer before I’m a clumsy loon :P Dancing is something I’ve loved doing since I started ballet at three, and clumsiness came about this year, when I stupidly decided to get floppy in balance (cue in all the times I tripped up the staircases at school, walked into things and bruised myself, and slipped down grassy banks) So yeah, I can be graceful if I want to be :P Then we helped set stuff up. In contrast to my previous assertion of balance and grace, I managed to drop (read: throw) a box of thumbtacks. Thankfully Bet and Pete helped me pick them up before anyone in socks stepped on them xD I also got new insight into my lack of restful sleep during a discussion while sitting on the benches.. I’m not sure how it relates, but the point is that being active is more restful than sleeping.
*this is really long xD*
So tomorrow I’m going to buy a black t-shirt to destroy tomorrow night, and probably shoes cause I have none to wear with a suit *yes, I only just realised* So if I do actually go to double maths tomorrow morning, I’ll probably be in a suit. (I really don’t want to go) The rest of my day is exempted by the principal, cause of the PAM thing, for which I was chosen because of my surname... perfect example of judging a book by its cover. These people never read Shakespeare’s Caesar (what’s in a name?). Then Zoe and I will leave early and rush back to the church to change and get stretched and prayed up for the dance (:

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Hello peoples (:

..It's been such a long time since I blogged properly, that I've forgotten how to start. Well, anyhow, today was a funny day to say the least. I waited for an hour at the bus stop (for a bus that's supposed to pass every twenty minutes) and when i eventually got to the picnic, all i did was fall (: But I don't think I've ever enjoyed falling as much as i did today XD I mean, i fell into a split and slid down a hill on my back... I also got hit in the head by a rugby ball, and dragged down by a dog. And i rode a bike up and down, and carried mike stands and drum parts etc into cars. It was a good day XD

Then came dance rehearsals. We were about eleven people (out of 21) and then we found out there were "ezercizzji" at the church for another hour at least... So we danced on the bridge (: After all the resonance and natural frequency quips had been said, we prayed for a bit and started dancing. A few people crossed the bridge, but thankfully they all just smiled and kept on walking. I also changed my trousers in the staircase, with willy on guard at the top and zoe at the bottom, to make sure i didn't embarass myself more than necessary. I almost flew off the bridge at one point, but that's just me - if I don't injure myself doing something then I haven't done it properly (: Also, formal apology to zoe for nearly killing her when we finally got into the church and i got too into the dance XD

There was something else, but I can't remember what it was. I'll leave you with a song:

Gb! x

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Ok so the alabaster and nano-materials thing didn't quite work out. It didn't make much sense when I thought about it some more.. To be honest, it made NO sense whatsoever.

I have no idea what I'm meant to be writing... I just feel bad for abandoning my blog after the promise of one XD And because i have nothing of note to say, I'll just paste part of my convo with simon (which he put on his own blog):
I have a new concept of originality btw
...that everyone is made up of parts of everyone elsebut the more itsy bitsy bits and the more overlapping, the more unique you are.
all about the combo
yeah...i guess...although the combination of these bits make up...a new sum...a new different person..
unlike any other...even though they could know the same people throughout their life
and if each person is a sum, the possibilities are endless
and yet...stand in a crowded hall...and look at each person...and you'll realize that each basically another you...same thoughts, same feelings.
not necessarily. sometimes i wonder if anyone thinks like i do, thinks like you do, thinks like anyone else does
well ok...not like me and you, cause we're weird, but he basic thoughts...the same

and all the philosophy ended there XD

Sunday, 1 March 2009

hello (:

I have a really good idea for a blogpost, but I'm on my way out atm. This is just to let you know that I'm planning something with asbestos and nanomaterials =D (no, I'm not going to burn either of them)

I'll leave you with my new desktop background :