Sunday, 24 May 2009

Drift wood!

I think I have some explaining to do XD Mostly cause I don't want to come across as a snob, which I know that I have on many occasions. Also, this blog post has the potential to become quite emo so be warned (: 
I'm quite socially inept. Any of you that knew me in form three and earlier (I think that's only kai) would know that I was, and probably still am, a very shy person. Actually, I'd hazard to say that more of you know cause it shows through sometimes, but constant proof was given at that time. Now I'm trying to think of how to say this without making it sound lame and pity-me-ish XD I do realise that blogging is kind of anti-shy, but blogging is just writing and you can ignore the fact that people are going to read it and comment as you are writing it. I hate conversations that are dull and dry and meaningless. I mean, that have a lack of feeling and interest, so rather than do that I stay quiet. If I don't feel up to taking an interest and really connecting, I won't talk. Happens.
Actually that sounds like I don't actually interest myself in the things the people around me find interesting. *what an awkward blogpost* I do care. It just takes brain power I don't always feel I have (as was the case last night).
Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I don't mean to be a snob or rude or whatever. Between my brain and my mouth things get distorted and I'd rather not offend XD I've said it before and I'll say it again. Language is such a fickle thing. For all its beauty it can be so useless.

Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking.   - Goethe


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Alpha Beta roots

I know you're probably all fed up of seeing writing on pages, but... I think I might write a few letters. I abandoned the habit, and kai reminded me of it today. I'm not saying all of you will get letters, cause that would be impossible, but I'm going to try write as many as i can XD
And writing this here has huge potential for backfiring, but I guess I'll just have to deal.


Monday, 18 May 2009

Mike copied my last title and made it about concrete.

Hello people of this fine planet. I'm eating strawberries and drinking fresh lemonade ^^
At some point last week I decided I wanted to document a typical day at JC, and although monday isn't the best day for that seeing as I have two doubles, I took my camera today. I figured today would be dreadfully boring if I didn't do anything about it. Especially after last night's rendition of 42 by mykill, and the descision that norway's song wasn't actually too bad. It kind of grew on me, sorry yan XD

And much to steve's amusement I wrote down all the stupid things that were said today... 
Here are a few:

Me: I can't take a photo of you digesting! It's impossible!
Tim: Maybe with a stethoscope.
Me: Stethoscopes don't take pictures XD (while I'm saying this, he realises and laughs)

I had just said (broken down for all you non-physicists) that gravity isn't constant. (seeing as it wasn't broken down for me and I was paying more attention to my camera, I hope you won't take it against me XD)
Clara: What are you saying?! Gravity! Gravity doesn't change! *eyes wide*
Me: shit, good point
Steve: Gravity just pwned you!
Me: yes, nice going Newton.
Steve: I can just imagine him on a cloud pointing down and laughing.

nice people huh?
At one point Clara was writing on my notes, telling me that she can't love me cause I'm not Edward Cullen. That girl doesn't believe me when I say I'm not a boy.

Steve: Ow
Me: I didn't even hit you!
Steve: Your component hit me.


Rache finally remembered why I was in her dream. St.Michaeleans will know what I mean. It was back when she was in form 5, the time of Marlene. Apparently we were at the concert hall thingy and I had lost my script and was getting frustrated at myself for it, so I was telling her about it. Ahh guys, remember apple-jack? And that dusty ramp? And all the hits to the head I got that year? XD Memories *sigh* (8) The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun! Wildcats, everywhere! Wave your hands up in the air! That's the way we do it, let's get to it, time to show the world! I believe forgiveness is the key to your own happiness (8) Hmm, I remember changing the lyrics to that last one. Some lines were so weird i refused to sing them.

As of now I'll be spending all my frees in the library. And this week I'll actually work and get on with things XD I apologise in advance for any outbursts of pure frustration that you might come across if you're in my vicinity during those hours XD Or, on the other hand, if that frustration leads to stupid messages, which is also quite likely. I'm actually getting better at it. I mean, I think I distracted bet less than usual today, didn't message anyone and I worked. Ok, so I took a few photos first, but at least I didn't go on the pc to check the myriad of time-wasters available online XD

Can't wait until Mike goes viral! ^^


Sunday, 17 May 2009

O belt, belt, wherefore art thou belt?

I am in an amazingly good mood and you could almost call it a waste since I'm going to stay home XD I guess my notes will just have to appreciate my dedication to them a bit more today. (Seeing as I'm entirely undedicated to them, I guess they'll be happy enough) Why oh why do I give inanimate objects characters and emotions? *points at self and whispers "mental"*

Here are some pretty sounds for your ears =D I've become all piano-happy thanks to the combined influence of Bet and Elaine, although I'm not complaining. I love it! ^^ The link was provided by Mark through Mike through Mark if that makes any sense whatsoever... Speaking of Lanf, he just started blogging, as I'm sure most of you know by now XD

You know what, I'm pretty sure it's the music that's put me in such a mood. So be warned, all you who dare click the link. It is to moods what goji berries are to dreams. 'nough said XD

Also, major breakthrough by way of potential courses at uni! I have an idea and I think it's safe to say it's almost like in-depth systems XD (which, I would say, is what I'm aiming for and not a bad thing at all). Yes, I do realise that maltese culture suggests I should hate systems of knowledge with a passion and join as many facebook groups plotting its downfall as I possibly can, but quite frankly, I'm not one to care much for the norm. I'm that nerd in the class that I'm sure you're all familiar with. The one that doesn't miss a lecture cause she actually enjoys the lesson, and tries to convince her friends to "please come! What harm could it do you? I know you already know what we're doing, but dude.. depth!"
So yes, call me weird if you must XD

Right, I'm going to go search for a missing belt and then study something or other. Byeeeeee!


Thursday, 14 May 2009

My Teachers Are Nurdz

Mr.Maths, was late to class so one of the students quoted what he says to late students. His reply was as follows:
"Listen, nghidlek din u niefqu hawnhekk. A mathematician is never late. Neither is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." *slap*

Mr.Physics (waves) thought we were being cassi yesterday. He saw I was wearing a HP top...
"Qisu ghandkom Petrificus Totalus fuqkom illum!" *knowing look to me*

So yes. I am taught by nerds.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Little grey bears

I feel like telling all you people about my day ^^
And I'm honoured to see how many of you actually read my ramblings (: Seriously. *has a moment*
To say I was not in the mood for school today is an understatement. I rolled out of bed with my eyes mostly closed since i slept late due to a combination of msn, updating this thing and reading. Time? 6am. By quarter to seven I was slightly more awake and by now out of my pjs and into normal clothes. I've made a complete 180 in my opinion about skirts. I actually kind of like them. At 7 I decided to decline the lift from my parents because it involved a lot of waiting around and read till quarter past eight which is when i chucked some stuff into my bag and left for the bus stop. It was refreshing to be awake before being plonked on the stairs to the school. It felt oddly grown up and independant-like. Anyway, I got to school a bit early and spoke to Sara a bit about how it still feels like it's saturday and that I for one do not appreciate going to school on a saturday.
Double maths was a bit of a drag-on. At first Timmy and I thought the teacher was delusional when he wrote "9th May 2009 A levev paper 1" We thought he got the year wrong as well as writing level incorrectly. It wouldn't be the first time, so it looked like we'd have to double check everything the guy wrote. But no. We were actually going to have to work out this year's A level paper. Naturally I messaged Mina and had a bit of a chat while doing whatever it was we had to do. It made it more tolerable XD Physics was.. physics. Steve, Clara and I talked about everything except the arrows and equations we were meant to be understanding. We managed to catch the teacher animatedly talking about how to get into medicine at uni. Seeing as everyone quite obviously had Physics A level and the guy knew we all also had Maths, we have no idea what he was banging on about it for. Philosophy was the usual unphilosophical discussion. Today it became Bush and 9/11 and eventually mr. berlusconi got a mention too. The topic we were meant to be discussing? The environment and the future.

I finished my book today ^^ Which is almost sad. I enjoyed it quite a bit more than any book I've read recently, and in the end, most things came to a point where i could accept their finality and that this is how the book was meant to end. Except for the two main threads, which was slightly disappointing. I won't tell you what they were in case any of you actually read the book in the future... which you should :P

I'm not sure If I'll start the next book seeing as my grandparents come on wednesday (surprise for me too. I had completely forgotten) and exams are in two weeks (waaaa!). My time should be used wisely...

A bear just grabbed the mic...

Sunday, 10 May 2009


This is just to announce the overhaul of my blog. I'm very pleased with the outcome (:
*waves at krissie*

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Everyone Worth Knowing

I am thoroughly bored. I will blog.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! XD Matthew Borg passed the JC Roundabout with bet and me on it today. As a careful driver, he ignored our frantic waves and high pitched yet somewhat unified "hey" as he drove past, intent on the road and the stupid italians roaming the streets around our school. As a result, the three italians behind his car thought bet and I were "hey"ing them. Not a proud moment. Not a proud moment at all... Then I saw bet off and congratulated jeri fleri (otherwise known as stethoscope on the beach) on the new car *which has amusing head rests* and went back to the roundabout to read for a while. Then bet came back, and pau and yan materialised and we went to dukes ^^ I haven't had dukes since the 2nd years left, meaning no more chicken with kristie :( To commemorate chicken fridays I had the chicken wrap thingy and then JELLYTOTS =D Haven't had those in ages either xD

And then... maths. Maths was fine, fab even. We worked a past paper I'd have managed XD. After which I was very frustrated that I had to wait forty minutes to hand a form in because Rm103 was closed -.- Although I ended up spending an hour with kai simon and elaine as a result. And then read some more on the bus. I finished the first book, and I've started the second. I'm on a roll x) I'm also doing the slow-reading thoughtful book at night thing. I like reading (: It's relaxing, entertaining, calming, soothing, inspiring, adventurous, stimulating and learn-ful. I was about to add that it broadens vocabulary, but the fact that i can't think of the one-word synonym for "learn-ful" makes it a moot point. Speaking of books, specifically the one I'm one chapter into. I feel like I'm going to be sucked in. You know, like those plots, very Stephen King, where the reader's life echoes that of the book... In the ten pages I've read, I've seen people I know, with the exact relationships between each other mapped out perfectly. It's worrying XD ...although I'm pretty sure it's only something that my warped mind could think of. I think (read: hope) that it isn't possible.... moving on.

I am thinking a lot lately. Like, a real lot. I've gone so far as to numb my brain activity at points cause I'm doing my head in, thinking and rethinking, and then mapping out consequences finding more paths, ultimately deciding I don't particularly like any of them anyway. The one thing that book1 taught me (seeing as it was by large a pointless book meant for brain-numbing) is this.. ok, it didn't teach me. It provoked more thoughts:

Some people are meant to be opera singers or concert pianists but it never bothers them because they never start to sing or sit at a piano. They take up teaching or open a travel agency and they are none the wiser.

I refuse to let that happen, whatever it is is bothering me and I want to find it. *Only Child Syndrome* XD And so I'm going to keep on dabbling in random things in the hope that someday I will be satisfied with my current interest for more than I usually am.

Food. *shows palm of hand with "*wave*" written on it*


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Oh! Grey skies and jellytots, how I love thee!

Today has been an annoyingly musical day.I can't stop singing stupid songs like the LHC rap, I'm not edward cullen, Mrs. Nerimon and the angler fish song. And even sillier ones I make up as i go, along the lines of "I'm talking to a camera" in about ten accents while walking out of JC this afternoon. Speaking of the LHC rap, Steve and I showed it to our Physics teacher (the nice one) at the end of the lesson. Clara had been asking us to "please speak english" for a while so we figured our teacher could at least appreciate all the nerdy jargon spewing out of our eager minds... That poor girl is so abused XD But she has a brain made of arrows which we all appreciate (: <3

Major stress-relief occurred today too! I had my final interview of my systems project, and as always I had a nice chat about reading with my teacher xD (my project is about reading/libraries) It was concluded that neither of us could ever really get used to reading a book on Kindle. And more project-related things like what to do with books you're fed up of reading/don't want anymore bla bla bla. I think she sees me as a younger version of herself tbh. I mean, the similarities are there. I'm doing a project about the value of reading/upkeep of a library in 1st year and she won an essay competition about the value of reading at the same age, earning her a subscription to the British Times for a year. Something that not many people would appreciate. To be honest, I really wouldn't mind being like she is. And so this doesn't turn into a long winded thing about how I think I have the best systems teacher, I'll end it here XD

Credit dies fast :(
Zoe, when can I give you your book? I carry it around with me all the time and always forget to give it to you. Same goes for you kai.

This one's for kaila the grey, cause i like grey on you (that, or my love of grey just enveloped the humans wearing it) :
Boys are stupid...

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Belle and Adam

Ello ello ello!
Mike randomly linked me to "be our guest" on youtube this morning, which made me feel like watching Beauty and the Beast again but my sis has friends over and they're watching something at the moment, so IMdB had to suffice. Has anyone else ever noticed the inconsistencies in it? XD
Did you know that the beast (heretofore referred to as adam xD) was 11 when he became a beast? XD bit young to be in charge of a castle! It never actually says he was 11, but the rose dies on his 21st birthday and that's like what, two weeks from when he meets belle? And the servants say they've been in disuse for ten years at least (In be our guest), so he has to have been eleven. Yet in the flashback thingies, Adam looks quite a bit older, and definitely not eleven... even in the portrait he tears, it's like he always looked the same. Bet told me that you can find explanatory theories online, the most prevalent being one suggesting they don't age since Chip is transformed into a boy that looks about five at the end of the ordeal. But then the 21st year thing makes no sense XD
Yes, I realise I'm over-analysing, and yes, i realise that analysing a disney film means I have nothing else better to do. My apologies :P

And another thing XD I disagree with the curse. I don't feel like retyping so I'm gna paste what bet and i discussed XD.
Achie: It's quite a shitty enchantment, I mean wouldn't it be enough for him to learn to love? Does she have to love him back? You can hardly blame him for that.
Bet: loool well he was a shitty person for not letting her [the enchantress] in XD
Achie: It worked in the end, but it could just as easily not have...

It seems to be that all Belles and Bellas go for the rich animalistic-type of guy.
So yes, I'm bored.