Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sylar <3 XD

I don't have anything particular to say, just a bunch of things I've thought of recently (:

Firstly, I just listened to "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus, and I'm pleasantly surprised. The video isn't amazing (at all) and I'm not entirely keen on the vocals either tbh, but there's something that makes it extremely pleasant to listen to. And the lyrics... love them. I mean, the chorus is hugely grand.
There's always going to be another mountain
I'm always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes I'm going to have to lose,
Ain't about how fast I get there,
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

Also, a while ago I had put a vid Bet linked me to on my iPod and I hadn't really listened to it since then, until last week. The beginning sounds a bit dull, but at approx 1.30 or something of the sort, I was stunned. Again, it was the lyrics that made it (word-freak if there ever was one >.<) coupled with the musical build up and probably my sleepyness, it sounded hamazink. And here's the link (: It's Oh My God - Jars of Clay

Speaking of Jars of Clay - Dead Man (carry me) is fab, and I vaguely recall mashing this with Love Story without realising while studying in the JC library. [Yes, I'm enjoying this linkage very much XD]
Something in the house is making an incessant beeping noise that's starting to bug me muchos. *turns the volume up* better (:

Sylar/Spock XD (but not Elaine)

Ah back to the beginning, I promised Jer I'd put this somewhere. Y'day when he picked bet and I up he was waiting with his car door open, leaning against the car with his arms folded and legs crossed and I said he looked like a film. He asked what a film is. Admittedly what I said was grammatically incorrect and confusing but w/e XD

I realised I still don't like pv. Shocker :P To bet, sorry to disappoint you but you do realise the "you have to socialise!" line will no longer work cause I can socialise while chilling :P Eg. at chaplaincy XD Speaking of which, the swim/BBQ was grand (: From the English/American landscape and colours, to the deep sea and vortexes, to the abandoned building and stinky loos, to the crazy drive home and hopes of a storm, to the cowboy walk to the amusing phone calls in gzira, to the culmination of groups singing karaoke and staying up late, and finally.. sleeping and waking up. I loved every minute of it (: However, Simon, be quiet XD

Shopping with kai was... successful-ish XD I found flipflops in ten minutes flat and then spent forever finding nothing and lunching ^^
And with that I'm off to shower and change for Thanksgiving mass (:

Monday, 15 June 2009

Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

While waiting for heroes to load I figured I might as well blog. So tomorrow I'm going to be filling in for my parents at work while my mum visits my uncle in hospital. Which means I'll be waking up early again. The joy. However, real work starts this week for a total of 38 hours (!) but it means I'll be closer to paying soul survivor off, and closer to having spending money there (: So far my aim is to put all the money I earn to the SS fund, but depending on how often I work I might give myself some lee-way every so often.
Like the shoes I bought for work. They remind me of a wedding dress. But for feet. The toe-cap is satiny and the pattern is delicate. Plus they have ribbons for laces! (all white, but I also have pink ribbons in the box) I guess the wedding special on the style network influenced the rest of the day's decisions XD They're my third pair of converse, and also the only brand of footwear I display such consumer dedication to ><>

Ok, I'm thinking in lyrics now. Not good.


Saturday, 13 June 2009

You are the light

#I think I'll wear contacts more often, just to be able to go home and take them off, put my glasses back on and sit behind my laptop with my hair pulled back being nerdy yet urban. It's refreshing.
#I'll be shopping with bet tomorrow at about 3, cause I need to buy shoes for work. I decided that while I'm at it, I should get shoes I actually like and will wear even when I'm not at work. I think I know which ones I want, however the (very large) chances are that I see something better ><
#Nic's party was good. At a point I was getting a bit bored, primarily cause I'm not a party person and this was a full-blown party, but then it relaxed a bit again and I enjoyed myself.
#Apparently I grew. *Mental note to measure self*
#Hmm.. flying at Elaine wasn't a very good idea. Her chin and my clavicle collided rather painfully. It didn't hurt then, but now it feels really bruised and bumpy, although the bruise doesn't show.
#I have the best tent ^^
#I'm glad to have caught up a bit with Drea and Paul. Feels like ages since we spoke! Brooks is back to being his violent self.
#It has been proved that Jeremy is trying to break me cause he's envious of the time I spend with Bet. He even admitted to that time when he held an axe to my head, and Bet saved me by steering into a wall.
#Willy leaves tomorrow
#I don't like Alex's theory on me whatsoever
#Sean is hilarious when he speaks without thinking. Bet, Mina and I were in fits all the way home.
#Rob is hilarious as Sean's wife and Dora's lover.
#Why is it that sleeping without a fan is feverish, while when the fan's on 1 and I have two sheets I still wake up slightly cold?
#I read the Focus and Psychologies today. Psychologies is mostly full of rubbish. Focus not so much. This month the main article was titled "live forever or die trying" I found it very interesting. But then I have a morbid fascination with death and dying. That, however does not mean I myself am ready for the grave. Jus' sayin!
#I am a maaaaanly man.