Thursday, 30 July 2009

You might not want to read, but I want to remember.

I'm sitting in my mum's car with my laptop connected to the car's sound system and listening to the video on Ben's blog. I feel like Van, taking pleasure in simple things (: I think I'll like driving around for no reason just listening to music when I eventually get a license and a car.
This set up took a while, to get an internet connection I tried loads of router positions before this one. But it's worth it.
This is so cool x)

Yesterday was great, had some Bet-bonding time. And Drea-bonding time, but her fear of sharks made it predominantly Bet-time XD (Sound like bedtime) Rowing a surfboard around Xemxija bay is something to remember fo shizzle. Even if Sam thinks we were slow. We didn't fall off once and were in perfect sync :P With Everything! On a roll up piano. Which means what should take one hand took two, so now I can't play it on a normal piano. But at least I know what's supposed to be happening ux.

I applied for the change of subjects, I'll know if it's accepted in mid-September. My mum's more anxious to know than I am, I mean I doubt I'll start studying anytime before that so it won't make much of a difference. Books can be bought quite quickly I'm assuming.

Ah, haven't listened to Ben Cantelon in a while. Soul Survivor mood (: Thirteen days is it? Mmh can't wait, Soul Survivor is like home. @Zoe_firefly Remember the prayer room we discovered?
Rain, mud, wellies, clothes... talks, meetings, relaxing, shopping, God. Makes work seem worthwhile. (8) I wanna finish last, last in the world's eyes, no matter what I do I will be first in Your eyes (8) This song has so many memories tied to it. Late nights dancing in my room and messages from Paula Camilleri that were so spot on, I just stared for minutes. Ah, life's good. Throwing expectations out the window seems like the way forward to me. Just live. Live for God and live with abandon. Trust in Him and not let fear hold me back. Live boldly without a care. Just live...

I feel so blessed. Just thinking about what I've done, what I've been through, my experiences and everything I've come to know. I'm suddenly remembering random little things. Like climbing rocks in comino, Britt Nicole songs at school. The days I dreaded, counting down the minutes till 3 o'clock. Wishing I knew what people were on about. Knowing a little too much Physics, enjoying Biology a little too much, working a little too little Chemistry. Laughing. Oh, laughing where I understood. Purposefully dumbing myself down in conversation, wishing I could say more. Being lost in thought and then put on the spot by some perceptive teacher and somehow getting away with it, either by luck or by some discreet whisper from a friend. I'm far from saying I miss those days. Ever so far from saying it. But those days formed me, much as I hated most of every minute, they made me who I am. I can't say the same for Junior College. It's as good a place as any, but it didn't change me. It neither broke me nor made me. I've been influenced by the people I've come to know throughout the year, definitely. But not by the place, the atmosphere, the students around me.

Clinging to the Cross - what was paused when my iPod got stolen. Thank God for Gruppetta. All the walks home from the bus stop. The ones in the blistering heat differ so much from the ones in the mind-numbing cold, so much that it's barely recognisable as the same path. Slum Survivor. Our beautifully constructed slum being pulled down. Shouting at Kristie to wake up and bundle all her stuff up quickly and get out. Adrenaline flowing. Being somewhat stunned in my sleeping bag and watching it get torn down. Getting in after, sleeping in a more slum-like construction. It was one of the most comfortable nights of my life, no joke. We all felt so close and happy that night. It was warm.

Religion lessons, also known as talking to Beppe while listening to the CCC being read out in Maltese. Physics lab on Thursday mornings, best double lesson ever. Screwing up the value of gravity with Steve while talking about what's new on the internet and being quite nerdy. Making Clara calculate, letting Steve play with equations until we got what we wanted, fixing word order, laughing whenever Beppe dropped something and made his "oops I dropped something I shouldn't have" face. It's a classic. Wednesdays at Uni on the grass, studying at chaplaincy.
Walking from Balzan to Msida with Val. Walking through the back streets of Sliema to Uni and getting stalked, also with Val. Pavarotti. Lying in her closet and just talking. Talking about the old testament on her bed while she fell asleep listening to me talk about Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat...

There's so much I've done, but so much more that's left to do.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Principle of Conservation of Energy

The best convo I've had in an age:

I'm willing to assume Mina will like it best out of all my blog readers :P

Thursday, 23 July 2009



While I wait for people to arrive with lotsa yummy ingredients I'm going to blog.

First off - Jerry's alive, and doing better every day XD He's the most medicated dog around, I assure you. He has loads of pills and four injections per day, and lots of stuff go into dressing the wound. Those of you who will be here soon will see the pile of stuff dedicated to his health. HUGE.

Secondly - *gets mobile on which ideas were saved as draft messages* Ok, yesterday. I woke up at bet's with drea, caught a bus at ten past eight, got home at twenty past, and caught up with the internet for two hours. Then I showered and went to the hairdresser to see what she intends on doing on the 22nd august. I don't like the hairdresser. I wanted to kill her when she went: But her hair is so short! *look of horror* What can we do with it?
Considering I've been letting it grow since February, I was not amused. Sommies, then I caught a bus with Ali intending to go to exiles where people were meant to be swimming, but ended up in Sliema. She wanted a particular bag and I wanted McDonalds xD At McDonalds we met Please Note aka ZLR aka girl who likes surnames aka Michaela. Then after teasing her a bit, we saw Val xD We ended up sitting with her and Maria Angela for about two-ish hours and Sara came at some point too. We decided to head out in search of an owl necklace. It was quite unsuccessful, but a tag left on the perfume Val had bought for Sara set the alarm off in the next shop she went to, so the gift-giving was rather amusing XD Then TopShop... After walking around, Val saw some tank-tops she wanted, and they were on offer. There was a grey one... haha I bought it >.<>

Also, just a thought about what you're doing. Is this what God planned for you from when you were in your mother's womb?

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Mojitos and Breakdowns

Today was eventful. Firstly, work in itself had more variety than it usually does. Looking back, not much springs to mind, but it was far from a typical day at work. What I do remember is that the timing was all wrong. Lunch was slow but at 4 (when Deb was meant to be leaving since it was decided to be too slow for all four of us to stay) it picked up and I only finished all my open tabs (at least five at any one point) at six. It was quite frustrating cause Pastry wasn't answering the phone so I couldn't order a particular item that we don't stock at the bar, and since everyone was over-loaded no-one could be spared to go all the way to ask the dear chefs personally. It really proved the necessity of everyone pulling their own weight. Which, I guess, is crucial to any establishment, and everything else in life.
At one point I was walking around with nothing to do (between 1 and 3 I mainly had nothing to do, so I just helped everyone else who had giant orders), and I happened to see Leanne accidently spill a cup of steaming coffee all over her hand and the deckchair of a posh elderly English woman. The cup wasn't closed well or something cause the lid-thing flew off. Coffee spilled onto the woman's towel (luckily not onto the woman) and all over her sandals and almost into her friend's bag. Both Leanne and I started moving things out of the path of the destructive coffee, although the poor girl ended up doing it somewhat one-handedly. Since the coffee is made with steamed water, it has more internal energy, so it hurts more. I mean, I can barely hold the cup for two seconds to give it to a guest, never mind have it spilled all over me. Anyway, point is Leanne was stuck standing next to the sink with ice and running water for about twenty minutes, and very much in pain. Meanwhile we called the poolboys (they're handy I tell you) to clean up the spilled coffee while I got the woman a new towel and a new coffee. That was quite an event. As well as the new system with the towels. It's beyond complex. But at least it will help cut down on missing towels and such.
We christened today mojito day. Peter (the barman - about our age, only one barman isn't) went to the herb patch goodness knows how many times today to cut some fresh mint. Mojitos take a while to make since there's a lot of crushing and pounding involved. One table ordered, I kid you not, NINE mojitos. Then two minutes after they were delivered asked for another five. Considering that at least that many had gone out already and that usually we only have between 0-2 ordered in a day, as well as the highest number of simultaneous mojitos up until now was six, the new name for 11/7/09 was well deserved. And Peter wanted to die. Interestingly, whenever he says he's going to die/swear if people order another *insert name of much ordered beverage here* today, a large order of it comes in within two minutes. Usually it's mine. Today it wasn't thankfully cause I swear he'd have killed me XD.

Also, tomorrow is Jerry's last day. His leg has swollen to twice the size it used to be, stinks to the high heavens and leaks odd-coloured liquids very frequently. He's not really sleeping well anymore (sleeping tablets seem to do the trick though) and he looks haggard. He's not wagging his tail much anymore either. Everything that usually indicates he's in pain is heightened. I mean, you would too if your leg was rotting. So yeah, Monday is D-day. I'm working all day tomorrow, but I'll make the most of the evening. He's been around for the last eleven years of my life, so it's quite a big deal. On monday I'll be helping my dad dig his grave on the family farm in Salina. My mum wants to have him put down in the house since he's so scared of cars. I already know what he'll look like when he's gone, and I have to admit it's haunted my last two nights. My mum couldn't keep the tears back when he was sedated for his last big op, and also in the drunken state he was in afterwards. I have no idea what she's going to be like on Monday. Ali's even more emotional. I'm kind of counting on my dad to stay calm, cause I know I won't be able to cope with two people in hysterics alone. I'm not saying I won't be upset, or that I definitely won't cry, cause there are tears going down my cheeks just at the thought of it. But I think I can keep myself together enough to be functional - something I don't expect or even want from Alison. She has her own way of grieving, and I'm fine with that, just as long as she doesn't drag me into it. And Tommy... we'll have to see. No idea what he's going to be like. He doesn't know of a life without Jerry. Anyway, I'm going to sleep. Sorry to be so depressing, but I really had to get it off my chest. Breaking down at home just doesn't seem like an option when it's affecting all of us, it's not fair to bring the others down when they're doing their best to cope themselves. Goodnight, hope you have a better monday than I will.


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Make it mine

Hello world. I'm really sleepy right now, but I was watching this and I can't not share ^^ It's how I'd be feeling if I had the energy (: (also, look at that sky!)

Make it Mine <-click there XD

this is also really pretty:

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Daisies, Notes and Blueberries

Cover of "Looking For Alaska (Printz Awar...Cover via Amazon

This is my 98th post I believe. Again, I'm writing cause I'm bored. I already wished Tim and Luuk a safe flight and whatnot, so I'm left with nothing to do. (Except clear my room and pack for the weekend since I'm going a day early to help set up w/e) But that's the kind of stuff I'm good at doing between 1am-3am. The girls (and simon) know I'm most alert and productive at that time, and the rest of you will now know :P
Looking for alaska was great. I want Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines now. And Looking for Alaska in Dutch. That ought to be amusing ^^ In fact, my plan to stay up till 1am is supported by my reading Pride and Prejudice for the billionth time. I know the book so well I can just pick it up from the middle and enjoy it just as much as if i started from the beginning. I've been reading it on and off for two weeks so now I wanna finish it XD I think Elaine's reading it too cause it was on her top bunk this morning, so I read out a piece I find really amusing (for those of you who know the book, that bit where Darcy is writing a letter and Miss Bingley keeps interrupting) It's not particularly funny, but I find it really laugh-worthy XD

Speaking of today, it was grand. This morning I got woken up by a message from Tutzi which El was supposed to get too, but her phone is silly and it took another half hour for her to receive it. Anyway, we lazed about till half eleven listening to music and chatting XD Then we met Drea at McD's where Brooks joined us. Then we used the mac which Brooks christened the most annoying computer on the planet. It had some setting where whatever you type is read out loud, character by character. I know windows has that too, but I don't know how to make it stop on a mac XD Anyway, then we looked for a bikini (partly successful, need to go to the freeway in Bugibba to pick up the right size =D) and eventually met Paul at Zara.

striped wallsImage by ooh_food via Flickr

Zara.. wow. We then went into the Zara Home section where Brooks and I went on a high XD Brooks (aka Oyster) was planning his room, and I was just enjoying all the cool colours and patterns and things that look pretty in a room (: We came to the conclusion that when we get our own houses we're going to shop together cause it's so much fun even just to watch XD The lift episode happened right afterwards. Imagine the five of us going down in the lift. Then elaine gets her bag stuck in the door on the ground floor. It won't come out. Paul tries pressing the "close doors" button, but to no avail. It starts to close and then jams and opens again. All but Elaine are laughing. Paul says it has to be her. We agree. As Paul continues to press the button in the hope that we can wrestle it out while it's in that in-between phase, we take it in turns to try pull it out. We all laugh. People pass by and give us funny looks, amused by the sight of five people smiling and laughing in an open lift and not getting out or going up. Wrestling and button pressing goes on. Finally, it budges. Elaine pulls. It comes out... with no bow. Half of the bow emerges at the next press of the button. I pull, but I noticed too late, so most of the time window is up before I get a good grip on it. The doors jam and start opening again. I let go. Brooks laughs as he watches the bow slide down to the bottom of the lift shaft. Elaine will have to make do with a bow-less bag.

Once outside Zara, Drea passed a comment and left for home, leaving paul elain

natural foodsImage by qmnonic via Flickr

e brooks and I to shop. That generally means "let's follow paul". This is about where brooks' impatience killed me with laughter. Every time paul and elaine dragged behind, the look on his face was
priceless but the comments can't be reproduced XD Topman was amusing. I saw this really cool t
-shirt that made me want to be male XD Then Tower and the health food shop (: Loved the l
ast place. Elaine didn't like her flapjack and Paul abandoned us for Pull and Bear but Brooks liked it. I always love that place, it's hidden and homey and healthy and cool. It makes me wish I lived in some metropolitan city somewhere. Like New York or London. Kinda preferring New
York actually, had more of that vibe. So yeah, I decided I want you all to live in NYC for a year to re-create Friends XD

Now I'm home and bored. But I thoroughly enjoyed my day (: