Thursday, 2 July 2009

Daisies, Notes and Blueberries

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This is my 98th post I believe. Again, I'm writing cause I'm bored. I already wished Tim and Luuk a safe flight and whatnot, so I'm left with nothing to do. (Except clear my room and pack for the weekend since I'm going a day early to help set up w/e) But that's the kind of stuff I'm good at doing between 1am-3am. The girls (and simon) know I'm most alert and productive at that time, and the rest of you will now know :P
Looking for alaska was great. I want Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines now. And Looking for Alaska in Dutch. That ought to be amusing ^^ In fact, my plan to stay up till 1am is supported by my reading Pride and Prejudice for the billionth time. I know the book so well I can just pick it up from the middle and enjoy it just as much as if i started from the beginning. I've been reading it on and off for two weeks so now I wanna finish it XD I think Elaine's reading it too cause it was on her top bunk this morning, so I read out a piece I find really amusing (for those of you who know the book, that bit where Darcy is writing a letter and Miss Bingley keeps interrupting) It's not particularly funny, but I find it really laugh-worthy XD

Speaking of today, it was grand. This morning I got woken up by a message from Tutzi which El was supposed to get too, but her phone is silly and it took another half hour for her to receive it. Anyway, we lazed about till half eleven listening to music and chatting XD Then we met Drea at McD's where Brooks joined us. Then we used the mac which Brooks christened the most annoying computer on the planet. It had some setting where whatever you type is read out loud, character by character. I know windows has that too, but I don't know how to make it stop on a mac XD Anyway, then we looked for a bikini (partly successful, need to go to the freeway in Bugibba to pick up the right size =D) and eventually met Paul at Zara.

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Zara.. wow. We then went into the Zara Home section where Brooks and I went on a high XD Brooks (aka Oyster) was planning his room, and I was just enjoying all the cool colours and patterns and things that look pretty in a room (: We came to the conclusion that when we get our own houses we're going to shop together cause it's so much fun even just to watch XD The lift episode happened right afterwards. Imagine the five of us going down in the lift. Then elaine gets her bag stuck in the door on the ground floor. It won't come out. Paul tries pressing the "close doors" button, but to no avail. It starts to close and then jams and opens again. All but Elaine are laughing. Paul says it has to be her. We agree. As Paul continues to press the button in the hope that we can wrestle it out while it's in that in-between phase, we take it in turns to try pull it out. We all laugh. People pass by and give us funny looks, amused by the sight of five people smiling and laughing in an open lift and not getting out or going up. Wrestling and button pressing goes on. Finally, it budges. Elaine pulls. It comes out... with no bow. Half of the bow emerges at the next press of the button. I pull, but I noticed too late, so most of the time window is up before I get a good grip on it. The doors jam and start opening again. I let go. Brooks laughs as he watches the bow slide down to the bottom of the lift shaft. Elaine will have to make do with a bow-less bag.

Once outside Zara, Drea passed a comment and left for home, leaving paul elain

natural foodsImage by qmnonic via Flickr

e brooks and I to shop. That generally means "let's follow paul". This is about where brooks' impatience killed me with laughter. Every time paul and elaine dragged behind, the look on his face was
priceless but the comments can't be reproduced XD Topman was amusing. I saw this really cool t
-shirt that made me want to be male XD Then Tower and the health food shop (: Loved the l
ast place. Elaine didn't like her flapjack and Paul abandoned us for Pull and Bear but Brooks liked it. I always love that place, it's hidden and homey and healthy and cool. It makes me wish I lived in some metropolitan city somewhere. Like New York or London. Kinda preferring New
York actually, had more of that vibe. So yeah, I decided I want you all to live in NYC for a year to re-create Friends XD

Now I'm home and bored. But I thoroughly enjoyed my day (:


Chrissy said...

I want to read Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines too =(

MINA said...

I need to read twilight, now I've finally watched the film. XD


Gypsy girl said...

I wish I saw the elevator scene xD goh I misseh you!
I'll see you at st.dots now =D
Verification : gurne xD

Drea said...

illa how amusing that was! my favourite part has to be "People pass by and give us funny looks, amused by the sight of five people smiling and laughing in an open lift and not getting out or going up." soo true! :) *totally agree with going to live in new york for a year but i vote that we first graduate so thats in like 8 years :)* and thennnn go live abroad and work xD ajma achhhhh

Simon said...

mc. fries

Bettina said...

hah i met brooks el and paul ata bout 10.30/ 11 last night and the comments wer still going i shared ur laughter xD

nessa said...

This blog made me lol, mostly because I can imagine u saying it out loud, but it sounds like a little girl is retelling an event hehe :)