Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bluestocking Tendencies

I've fallen prey to a love of language, one unparalleled by any before. Regency-dated novels have much to do with it, as do surprising events unfolding on twitter and facebook. I've had my nose in a book for the past three nights, lack of sleep might catch up soon but I'll throw caution to the wind and enjoy myself. The current book is so centered upon poetry that when in the library section with Bet this morning, I stumbled upon a selection of classic poets I was tempted to borrow one. Maybe Keats, or Byron or Tennyson. Something old and classical. Something that has inspired generations of people. Something to feel connected to the past. Not in a way that stops one from looking forward, but a plant can't grow without roots, and I consider literature to be a profound part of my roots. I've also been impressed with the writings of others this week, so that's also quite uplifting.

And for added amusement brooks features as a secondary character in the current novel I've been sucked into.

Also, when I got home today I donned my wellies and sunglasses and proceeded to shovel a large pile of soil into a wheelbarrow and deliver it to my dad a few times. He's moving on with his plans for the garden. I have to say I quite like what he has in mind.

Now, back to the book and pleasant but easy conversation (:

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Of watches and red nails

Mmmh yes, so apparently my grandfather is getting worse by the day. He's a bit like lanf and stipulated a dress code for before during and after the funeral, which leaves me at a loss cause I don't quite own posh enough clothes. Although my mum bought some stuff that I absolutely love (its mostly grey :P) which I think I'll live in in the next few weeks.
His wife is my sister's godmother and gave her her second name. She also sent the silver spoon she was given at birth, engraved with her name (Matthea, known as Kiek) to give to my sister. So my grandfather (also my godfather) told my mum to go around the house and find something i would like. He suggested his old watch but my mum was unsure (I'd have loved it xD). Instead they gave me money to buy something although the watch is still an option. I think I'm going to trade it for the watch. I've been meaning to buy one, and I know for a fact that his watch would not be something off the market and be really nice. And it would be lovely to have something from him. So yeah, that's about it.

The problem is, my (dutch) aunt knows someone who was in a situation quite like his who survived three months on just a daily glass of milk. Unfortunately my grandfather isn't quite happy in the state he's currently in (quite the same) and would probably prefer dying sooner rather than later. All I want is for it to happen comfortably and painlessly. So yeah, prayers appreciated.

I just decided I'm going for the watch.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Quilts, Turkish Delight and going to the Moon.

Instead of doing a question on thermometry and capacitors, due tomorrow, I'm going to blog!

Wednesday was grand. It all started with a two-hour car drive, without much actual driving involved, which meant my 9am lecture was missed. After my lectures finished, I waited an hour for Val to finish hers, and went down to the bus stop with her and Estelle, Matt, Jamie and Marco [El, he looks like Neil xD]. Where we got soaked. Nicole, Matt Drake and Val all had umbrellas, so we made an umbrella tent and the rest of us plus Twanny and two other random guys tried to squash in. I ended up sacrificing my back for the sake of keeping my laptop dry. On the bus to Val's we had a discussion about pastafarians with a pastafarian, no less, and had a short walk behind a little boy in white shorts, socks, shoes and t-shirt, dancing while singing Hot 'N Cold. Amusing to say the least.
Jimi! One of the cutest puppies ever! He's hilarious, jumping and bouncing and skidding everywhere XD And biting fingers. Although much less painfully than Tommy. That killed.
Then laptop time! Val and I had a lovely chat and subsequently discussion and research, throwing ideas and names around, perfecting them as we spoke aloud... I'm thinking NaNoWriMo. But without the Mo probably.

Then it started pouring buckets, which we loved and my mum took me to Maths on her way to Aikido. [Yes, my mum doing aikido is hilarious] My outer layer of clothing was soaking wet and I had taken it off at Val's, so I started to feel a bit cold by then. It hadn't occurred to me to ask my mum to bring a jumper with her XD Apart from Chrissy and I at Maths, there was a new guy, whose name I can't remember, who graduated from MCAST and is doing Maths A level in a year to study to become a Pilot. He reminds me of someone and I don't know who, and so when he spoke I got a bit side-tracked trying to remember who it is. Which means my answers and Chrissy's answers weren't often alike, which prompted some major amendments. Then I walked to Elaine's house, the sicko, and went to Becky's for D-group. Leana was the death of me, "daqs kemm kelli advice, jien!" Then some more driving in the rain =D

Quantum theory for breakfast. When you have a teacher like mine... Goodness, when Steve came in late I told him I would have killed him if he hadn't come. Five minutes into the lesson and I was bored stiff and getting restless. Models of the atom and how they progressed, as well as energy differences and emissions and absorption and spectra, all inter-related is all well and good. Except when your teacher splits words like "electron" into syllables. E-very sin-gle Ti-me. With a second in between the syllables. I checked if "mississippi" fits in between, and it does. The boredom provoked doodling. It was a missile-type thing with a drawing of an atom on it. And I hear " while some of us are drawing *pause* atom bombs. Please detonate it so it won't distract me anymore and I can move on". Having the class hear you're doodling atom bombs isn't exactly pleasant... XD Then he made me rub it off, which is what he meant by detonate it. Cue in time in the library, a crazy maths teacher (really unlucky in that respect xD) and then more library (which I realised I've really missed!) Until... VALLETTA!

With Elaine, Estelle and Jamjam (: We ended up going to Mandali where we tried to tell Estelle her bracelet is not in fact yellow, but rather cream or a pale gold or something. At one point the shopkeeper even said "that's one faded yellow!" after a particularly strong insistence that it's yellow. Then we bumped into Krissie in republic street, while the back of our heads got filmed and eventually we went on to M&S. Not before Elaine and I did the *eye each other from head to toe to head* "how you doiiin?" Let's just say the timing of it was not amazing cause we got this really, really odd look from a girl who had happened to witness it... Then Jamie & I bought Turkish Delight, which I paid Jamie for in twenties and fives XD So to get rid of it he bought four muffins for us all to eat.
This is where Elaine and I learnt a new word, and used it excessively in reference to Estelle. We also established that she can't follow a conversation, since she was still on "you're trying to be snow white, eating red apples all the time!" while the rest of us were on "why on earth did the dwarves have a human sized glass coffin lying around? Double dwarf burial perhaps?" And so her input to that convo was slightly off xD Jamie was trying to get rid of the Turkish Delight since it wasn't as good as we'd hoped... unless you count Elaine's insistence that she "usually doesn't like it but this one's really good!" People thought he was trying to poison them. Then we caught the bus. At ten to four. With three of us having lectures at four. The bus driver was.. high I'd say. As I bought a ticket, he said "we're off to the moon! Keep moving, don't stop the flow!" He told the elderly english couple behind us "walk right up the stairs and sit on the deckchairs!" And kept blabbing on all the while. Elaine and I noticed we had a near-crash, but the rest of the bus was laughing with the driver xD As we arrived at the Msida bus stop, I handed the Turkish Delight to the couple on deckchairs, they were quite surprised but happy xD.

Mad rush to class, we all made it (: Then I stopped at Darmanin on the way home to buy boots, which, as I went to pay for them, turned out to be a Right foot 38 and Left foot 37. Did I mention that they were the last pair? Yeah. So a long phone call deduced that they can save me a pair in Valletta until tomorrow evening. Guess which capital city I'm visiting again but alone tomorrow :P I saw my bus flash past, and as I waited with my majorly heavy bag, another 45 passed and "was too full" to let me on. So I waited some more and finally got on the bus just as it started to rain. I finally made a concrete connection with snowboarding and standing on a moving bus.

My mum is leaving again tomorrow early morning, and I have a busy day ahead of me too. I think I'm just going to make sure I have no notes that can solve this stupid Physics question (ifhem, the Muncaster giant-ass book of Physics didn't show any signs of an answer to part a, so i doubt my notes will) and dismiss it as beyond me and unworkable so I can SLEEP!

Are any of you in quilts yet?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Cookies and dreams

I'm addicted to baking cookies.
And my dreams are becoming very weird and memorable.