Sunday, 31 January 2010

On the seventeenth day...

There is hardly a thing that could make me happier than I currently am (:

Friday, 29 January 2010

James John Michael (Taylor)

Remember when my blogs were about something other than what I've been doing? Pfft I'm disappointed with myself! ha! I've spent so much time these past two years reading about interesting things, learning about all sorts of things from mental_floss like the history of circus freaks (yesterday), that by now I should have something really insightful to say! But alas, I have not. My writing has also become limited to school essays, which does not give as much satisfaction as proper writing. I miss it, although I tried a couple of haikus last week and that was amusing, if highly amateur.
Oh, by the by, thanks to that interesting article about circus freaks in america between 1880 and 1920, I have finally discovered what is wrong with my nose, but I can't do anything about it except fail to qualify as a human blockhead, which I guess isn't too bad a place to be.

I started listening to the Veronicas this week. I'm impressed. At first, all their songs sound similar and excessively loud and shouty [yay for inventing words! Shakespeare did it ;) ] and then I listened to them properly and realised that some of their songs are insanely shallow and pointless, but some are insightful and lyrically beautiful. I've also had a bit of a Michael Buble week this week. His voice is amazing and technically better than John Mayer's, but they're both great at what they do so I can't really say who is better overall since their styles are so different. Oh, James Morrison... unique squared!

You guys would probably know that I'm more of a walk and talk / chill and chat person, but because my friends think they're cool we're shaking things up a bit and going to pv tomorrow for my birthday weekend. For some highly odd reason, I'm looking forward to it! I think that satisfies my random thing quota for tomorrow...

forgot O:)

Busy Bee in the morning for Banoffee Pie and tea with Sara, Karla and Simon.

Ice cream in the rain and Sliema in the afternoon, Val is coming over soon to watch a film (:
The ice cream makes up for wednesday methinks!

Right, I'm off to find more interesting topics to write about next time.

P.S. Why does the rain in Malta stink?

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Candles glowing orange...

Good morning, good morning!

It's been in my head all day, my apologies XD

I didn't do anything particularly exciting yesterday except for finishing off a letter to the boy that Kristie and I sponsor in Kenya. But that was enjoyable anyway, we might get something back in a couple of months! :D

Today... wow, today. During my first free I was being subjected to the usual teasing about liking Juno, which has been on an odd increase this week, so when I decided to buy a chocolate and found orange tictacs directly in my line of vision, I bought them. I ended up giving anyone I knew that I passed in the corridors a couple on my way to class, and by the time I came out of my lesson a plan had been formed (muahaha!). Ok so that's not exactly how it happened, but it sounds more dramatic that way! XD I actually went outside and spoke to Bet (the originator of this 18th countdown) and told her how I didn't know what random fun thing to do today and at some point during that conversation I decided to buy another 17 packs of tictacs and give them to people around JC... I have no idea what made me do it, or why I followed through with it, seeing as I'm really not the type of person that goes up to random people and talks them. In fact they impress me with their confidence.

Anyway, most people thought
a) I was a raving lunatic
b) It was a joke
c) There was a catch (or more accurately a "haxja")

But it actually made my day! It was amusing to see everyone's reactions, and half the while I was thinking how expensive it must have been for Juno to buy all those tictacs for Paulie Bleeker... Cause eighteen packets of tictacs weren't the cheapest thing I bought this week, let's put it that way!
Besides visiting London, this was definitely my favourite thing this countdown has resulted in! Although technically London doesn't count because it was an utterly coincidental combination of events...

Good evening (:

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Tonight the stars shine bright

Love to Laugh => Need to Blog

I don't really have much to say, I just need to blog cause of Betty's countdown... Not that I'm not enjoying finding something good that happened each day! Today was spent doing a multitude of things, including super-late-night messaging because of dual insomnia and lots and lots of laughter (:

The funniest/best thing to happen today cannot be replicated on a blog or any other public domain, just know that the countdown rules have not been violated! Just to tease a little bit.. It's the type of thing that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time and just leaves you a bit confused XD

I feel like going to first year systems and listening to Gingell Littlejohn's lectures and slide shows again (: And no, I was not bothered by the fact that she made us come in during the easter holidays because the content was brilliant (:


Saturday, 23 January 2010

On the ninth day of birthday

Hello sheep (:

Yesterday: I remembered what it's like to be teased about the sky and I watched about a dozen trailers cause I can (and because they keep coming into my gmail inbox) . Also Yanica, Beverly and I created PANNA, which will be contesting the next JC elections (lol). PANNA stands for: Politici Angli Nodfa Normalment Attivi. I'd say it's worth voting for anything with a name like that! We also promise everything under the sun, and will deliver it all in the same JC fashion that implies you won't be getting anything after all. We're sorted (:

Today: Dr.Juice and a lovely walk on the front listening to my iPod. The guy at Dr. Juice had an australian accent so I started thinking about Blue Water High and Living Life With Derek, although Michael Seater is Canadian and it was set in Quebec. I used to watch them back to back so they're inextricably linked in my mind. I also started putting the CDs I bought in London onto my laptop and I'm currently enjoying watching Michael Buble live on DVD.
I'm considering doing something crazy with my hair. I think it's fine right now but I don't think it really suits me. Thinking of curls perhaps, I quite liked them this Christmas (:

Thursday, 21 January 2010

On the seventh day of birthday...

...and I've landed (:

First day:
15th January 2010
Friday. Went to London, had a 2 hour delay and ended up at my aunt's house at almost 3am. Met my cousin's girlfriend who might as well be future-me. I don't know if I mentioned it before but I went with my mum and younger cousin and we were staying at my aunt's house in North London where my 33 year old (Stephen) and 26 year old (Michael) cousins live along with Michael's girlfriend Raffaella. "Quuuh (like duh but with a q) fox quuuh" started that night.

Second day:
16th January 2010
Saturday. Went to the wrong museum *head-desk* cause they're in the same building (almost) and wasted an hour trying to figure out why we couldn't meet the people we were meant to meet. These people were one of my best friends who moved to England a couple of years ago and her mum and youngest sister. Seeing as she's entirely disinterested in science, we ended up ice-skating after two hours, which culminated in me calling her a wuss XD Jokingly of course, but she was too scared to leave the perimeter and I spent twenty minutes at least trying to convince her to give it a try. The rest of the hour was spent being amused and trying to ice-skate in sync with my 14 year old cousin (funny stories about our antics later :P). Then it was time for our friends to leave since they had trains to catch and places to be. So my cousin, mum and I walked to Harrods and had a look around there. The pet department makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. For all the pampering those dogs get with luxury beds that I wish I could supersize and sleep on, they're very abused in terms of clothes and costumes. Not at Harrods itself, but by the stuff that's sold there.

Third day:
17th January 2010
Sunday. Saw Michael at breakfast (he has ME so he barely gets out of his room). Kim and I were a bit shy at first seeing as we last saw him at my confirmation which was about seven years ago, so I was about 11 and Kim was only 8 or 9. But yeah, that turned out to be fun. He's still the biggest nerd I know, excluding Raffaella xD
We then went to the Zoo where Kim practically ran to the monkey enclosure. It turns out they're her favourite animals and she wants to have a small white one as a pet and name it Milkshake. Gorillas are really so human-like it's almost scary. There was this particular one that was such a poser it made me laugh xD Also, spider-monkeys are really quite ugly.
After the zoo we walked into Camden Town and spent an hour in H&M (everything was on sale, it was brilliant!) and eventually got to the market, which was closing by then -.-' I bought a really cheap dress in the twenty minutes we were there though (:
Can't remember what we did that night, slept probably xD.

Fourth day:
18th January 2010
Monday. Spent two hours on the phone with HP whose call centre is probably in India. After half an hour of being sent to department after department we were told that yes, a replacement is necessary. We knew that. Then the next hour and a half was spent trying to speak to someone who would be able to arrange that. Meanwhile Kim and I visited Michael in his room and had a very philosophical chat and came up with "The Muffin. Eat it!" The meaning has been kept a secret muahaha. We finally left and went on a tour of London, starting at Victoria station visiting Westminster Cathedral; Buckingham Palace -the flag was up so the Queen was in!; St. James Park - where we fed pigeons, squirrels and weird looking ducks from our hands, as in they were sitting in our hands; Churchill's War Rooms; Westminster Abbey; Big Ben; the London Eye; the Changing of the Guards - my mum would not stop laughing; Trafalgar Square - where we sat on Aslan; Leicester Square - I recognised the ODEON from premieres, but I had no idea how many cinemas and theatres there are in the square! Brooks, it would be your dream location methinks; China town; Starbucks (!); Piccadilly Circus; Piccadilly Street - Fortnum and Mason! They had a sale too, so they became slightly more affordable xD; Regent Street; Oxford Street then home.
I found the perfect shoes, boots actually, at River Island in Oxford Street but they only had a right shoe in my size. Later on in the same street there's another smaller River Island but they didn't have my size at all! Left me a bit defeated. I sound like a shopaholic, but they were really cool and I had wanted a pair of them since December. I still sound like a shopaholic XD

Fifth Day
19th January 2010
Tuesday. Went to Brent Cross which is a huge department store and TK Maxx. Got some really really cheap stuff, then got Starbucks tea with Caramel and Vanilla to go and it felt really odd walking around with a drink in shops without getting told off and being made to stand outside. Especially in HMV. My aunt dropped us off on Muswell Hill Broadway and we browsed charity shops for another hour or so. Felt good to be getting CDs and books from there. In one of them the man behind the counter looked like Buffalo Bill ( ) and Father Christmas put together which amused me no end. My mum wanted to show me the house I almost grew up in (my parents left England when my mum was 7 months pregnant) but it was cold, dark and a shortish walk in the opposite direction, so she decided against it. Besides, I've seen it already. We then walked back to my aunt's house and had dinner. Yummy pies :D After dinner Raffaella and my aunt took us on a tour of London by night and stopped at this milkshake place where Raff treated us all to these divine milkshakes. The place was really quite cool (:

Sixth Day
20th January 2010
Wednesday. Woke up and had the usual bagels with cream cheese and salmon, followed by crumpets with butter and jam :D We went for a walk in the woods and by the time we got back quite a while later, our feet were all muddy so we gave our shoes a quick wash before heading in for some tea and leaving for the airport at 12.30. Kim has never seen snow, and obviously in the five days we were there it didn't snow in London. But the day we left it was meant to snow in London in the afternoon/evening. Typical isn't it?

Seventh Day (adventist :P)
21st January 2010
Today. Spent over four hours on a practical using an oscilloscope and really vague instructions. Steve blew a resistor in the circuit and so we had to get that replaced, and ended up taking photos with the rubbish camera on my phone of stuff we were meant to sketch in our report since two hours was obviously not long enough to finish a six-part experiment. Two hours in the library deciphering scribbled notes and phone photos later and we still didn't finish the report -.-'
But the fun part of today was reliving London, seeing Elaine for the first time in about two weeks :P and singing along to two of my favourite songs that were on the radio on the way to school. One of which apparently came on air while I was away so that was a pleasant surprise.

And now, to finish that report haha XD

Number of flights since turning 17: 8
Number of Starbucks: 3
Days left till turning 18: 12

Friday, 15 January 2010

On the first day of birthday (8)

Hello (:

Betty gave me a brilliant idea two weeks ago, which was to celebrate something little everyday from eighteen days before my birthday culminating in a sleepover and us going to school together (we start at ten on mondays muahaha). The daily events could be something little like making a smoothie or saying hi to someone I don't actually know to making a patchwork quilt to something larger like perhaps getting on a flight to London :P

So, in eighteen days I turn eighteen and in six hours my flight will be taxi-ing off the runway (: I plan to blog about this everyday, but for the next five days it might be a bit hard since I don't know how often I'll be sitting behind a computer/laptop/internet connected thing.

I'm looking forward to the last days of being seventeen xD

Nail colour: Dark purple
Flights since 17: 6

Friday, 1 January 2010

The fairies have lit their fires

Anyone who knows me will know I hate "cliches". It's not the right word for it, but I'll use it for lack of a better one. Anyway, I'm currently against Happy 2010! Happy New Year! 2009 was a blast, I hope 2010 will be even better! etc etc.
However, I haven't blogged in a while and I figured this might be a good enough time to begin.

I think the last two months really changed things. Different focus, different experiences, different attitudes, different people. Actually, they're still the same people I spent the rest of 2009 with, I'm just getting to know a few of them better so they're around a bit more.
This brings me to my resolution. Last year I made one and Betty kept me accountable to it. I think it's been accomplished. This year, I've made another. It's not too different. In fact the phrase only differs in the placing of one word. More.

2009: Get to know more people.
2010: Get to know people more.

Last year's sounds a bit stupid, and can better be described by a longer string of words which would probably include my life story. That's why I'm not going to bother defining it better. This year's is inspired by the changes in the last months. I say that I "know" quite a handful of people, but how well do I really know them? I've come to realise that I've been in some people's company for almost two years and yet I've only just noticed how much I enjoy talking to them. I think that's a wee bit tragic and so in 2010 I'm going to try to change that.

And with that, I wish you all a fruitful and Godly 2010 (: