Thursday, 18 February 2010

The one with the music

Since this has become San Remo week...

I can't for the life of me understand her, but I love it. (thanks to Val for the link)

I just got the whole first album of Nick Jonas & the Administration. My apologies to all those of you who deem it unfit for anyone with even a smattering of taste in music, but I really do like it! Actually, no apologies, I like it and that's that.

Have you guys heard of He is We? Bettina mentioned them today assuming I knew who they were and upon learning that I didn't lent me her iPod for an hour so I could listen to their songs (in Maths). I'm really impressed by them. As of today, shall forever be one of my most visited sites.

For someone who takes the lyrics of a song into consideration when deciding if I like it or not, I'm surprisingly enamoured by foreign-language songs recently. I guess foreign-language films come next, but I doubt I have the patience for that yet.

As for my lenten no-facebook-before-8pm sacrifice...

I. Am. Dying.


valentinaa. said...

dude i love you for putting that song up :) youre ace <3

karla said...

i needed some new music..thank you xD

MINA said...

italian <3