Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Who's Pulling Your Strings?

I'm impressed. Impressed by the love I've seen, by the barriers crossed, by the stereotypes cast aside, by the general feeling of togetherness and mostly by God's grace.

It's just such a beautiful time to be alive. I do realise this is an incredibly soppy post, but I really do mean it. I'm so awed these few words have taken ten minutes to form!

Look in the mir'r, drink some wader and wear a tuque aye!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

In dire need of a chicken

People. I forgot to eat today. Which wouldn't be particularly terrible, except that I don't often eat breakfast since I find it nauseating. So for the fifty minutes I was on the bus, while I was listening to beautiful ground-breaking music, the people around me were subjected to the rumbles and grumbles of my internal organs.

I noticed something on my walk home. There's a particular section of my walk that makes me feel really short. I'd imagine that it has something to do with oversized plants, long roads, and that old awareness of being tiny. I know that I've grown considerably, but you have to understand that for the majority of my life so far I've been sitting in the front row of school photos. One year I managed to escape to the second row and I felt euphoric, despite being very outgrown on all sides and returning to the front the next year. But I digress, feeling small is natural to me.
Today was different. Today there were a couple of people walking in the opposite direction, and I suddenly felt tall. Ok, so they weren't exactly what you'd call average height, but my point remains.

With nothing to compare to, you could be the most miniscule person on the planet yet be right in saying you're tall. You could have an amazing singing voice yet be right in saying you're the worst. It works in every way you can think of: height, skill, intelligence. Now, I don't think it's worth comparing yourself to everything. For the sake of your sanity as well as its futility. There's a distinction to be made between what's worth comparing or living up to and what's not. For example, I could compare myself to Bettina and have a nervous breakdown because in no way could I ever be as practiced in piano or ballet.
I could compare myself to Elaine and lose hope because I'm not as well educated in the finer points of Literature and Philosophy.
I could compare myself to Andrea and sigh because she's more focused than I.
I could compare myself to Clara and want to jump off a bridge because she's fluent in mechanics and I'm... not exactly. :P
But then I know that I'm not entirely incompetent. I know that my knowledge or Regency Classics isn't too bad, that I can speak a language not many of you can, that I have had a unique cross-cultural upbringing. I also know that I don't expect Brooks to start speaking to me in Dutch or to have an in-depth discussion about Northanger Abbey with Mike. It's not that I think less of them, just that it's not a point of comparison.

Which begs the question, what to compare to if to compare at all? (Before I try to answer that, it's worth noting that a positive comparison is what you're after. I highly doubt feeling dejected and deflated is going to make you a better person.) Compare yourself to people you admire, people with a quality you'd like to have. See what they do that makes you admire them or how that quality comes into play daily. Then emulate them. I don't mean follow them around like a sick puppy and repeat their every move, it's not a copy-paste thing. It's more of a transplant, it has to match, and you might have to alter some things to make that match.

Comment with who you compare yourself to, I'm curious!

And people... encourage each other, it does wonders to a community (:

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Script Frenzy?

I don't think I'm doing it, but:

30 days till Script Frenzy!


Monday, 1 March 2010

..." Robyn said, adverbly.

You know what's the most demotivating thing about the marathon? Old people. Old people who survived cancer and hip replacements. Old people who survived cancer and hip replacements walking past you.
That is, until you stop and think about it and marvel at the strength of the body. Honestly, I've never felt so young or so unfit yet so amazed at life. So many people were running or walking in honour of people who have died, people less fortunate than them and people only slightly less fortunate than them. So many people were putting their own comfort second and testing their endurance in order to raise awareness and funds for charities they hold dear.
Every hour I decide to stop whining and shut up about all the aches and blisters. And yet every hour I fail. So I make the decision again, and try again. It's hard but it's a small price to pay for the experience earned, and I know that in actual fact my pain is nothing compared to that of others. The people in Haiti and Chile for example, child labourers, 9 year olds fending for the rest of their family because their parents died or are severely ill. It's a real update on my current perspective.

On another note, next year I will actually train and wear shoes designed for people to walk at least 21.1km in.

I watched Whip it! today and while some things were a bit hard to catch on to, the overall effect was that of a film that wasn't painfully obvious; to the extent that I wasn't entirely sure what the outcome of some choices would be. Naturally, it's pretty obvious that she makes the team and has a knack for the sport, but other than that it wasn't all that predictable.
No, I didn't watch it for Ellen Page, I had seen some promo stuff last summer and thought it had potential. When I realised it probably wouldn't come to Maltese cinemas I kind of gave up on it since my DVD place isn't usually well stocked but lo and behold, seven months later it appears in the "new releases" section. [Other new releases include He's Just Not That Into You (Feb09) and Milk (Nov08)]
According to the cover it's Drew Barrymore's directorial debut, but to be honest I don't actually know what exactly a director does and how a director differs from a producer. Brooks, enlighten me!

I'm too tired to say anything remotely sensible, other than that I have a Physics mock this week! Grrr XD