Friday, 21 May 2010

Fulvus Ravus

Ahhh. I can't say today was stressful because I felt calm, but I can't say it was calm because I felt stressed. Agitation and complete lethargy are hard to reconcile into content productivity.
I started out by having two of the most kick-ass dreams ever, can't exactly remember what they were about except that in one of them I bought my Oma a coat she loved for €2*. The coat was really unusual, pretty and blue and I couldn't believe it was so cheap. I suppose there's a moral to that, I'm just too tired to look for it. It wasn't even the point of the dream. Anyway, I woke up to grey skies which is always killer fun, in my "new" room with the cat using me as a pillow. Whiskers has been quite affectionate and dare I say it, feminine recently which is bizarre since he's usually out killing things, eating at twelve houses a day and being the alpha-pet.

I love my new room arrangement. Arranging things gives me so much energy, inspiration and motivation. That and creating things like my Bible-cover have to be the two things that leave me more animated and merry than I started out. I wish there was a way I could do that forever and be content.

Then the rain came and I whipped out my SS hoodie and a scarf 'cause I could! Ah, I love this weather. It's been like this before each of my A's which I take to be a good sign since I'm most productive in the greyness.

Yesterday I made a list of the eight sections of physics that I have to study: Mechanics, Waves, Capacitors, Electricity/Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanics.
The first three are done in first year and the latter four are done in second year. I managed to knock down Capacitors and Quantum Mechanics by two this afternoon and became exasperated and distracted until about eight. As I went back to studying, I was convinced I had summaries (the way I study most efficiently) of the section I was doing and did my best to find it although I didn't exactly succeed. In the past hour I've unearthed summaries of the entire Thermodynamics section as well as Mechanics and Waves, which leaves me with only Electricity and Nuclear Physics. It isn't exactly an "only" since thats three quarters of second year, however it's a colossal step forward. 
This is momentous. I'm more advanced in my syllabus-coverage wrt time left (think of it as a graph) than I have been for any subject so far.

I just realised my food-intake peaked at breakfast. Whoops.

I think I'm going to go to bed, and sleep in comfort and peace in my ultra-cool arrangement. :D

*I found out how to use the € sign on my keyboard! :D
PS I have no idea why the font size is different, I've tried changing it and the html looks the same for all of it.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

What's Your Unit?

This isn't an original post - I didn't write it. The concept has been on my mind quite a bit recently.

"There’s a question commonly asked within the gambling community from one player to another: “what’s your unit?” Your unit is defined by the amount of money you think in multiples of; if you perceive a thousand dollars as ten sets of 100 dollars, that makes your unit 100 dollars. In college, a twenty dollar bill is at least four sets of five dollar bills, and maybe even 20 sets of one dollar bills, if you remember that one dollar can buy you four packages of Nutty Bars.

The higher your unit goes up, the harder you are to please. If you were to sit at the blackjack table with $1,000 and win $10, chances are you’ll ignore it unless it happens 50 more times in pretty good succession, when maybe you’ll think about getting up and calling yourself a winner. This is the reason gamblers bet according to their unit.  Professional blackjack books say the proper betting amount is determined by the starting bank divided by 30, which in the case of $1,000 would be $33.33 a bet.
Oh, one question left to answer. What is your unit? If you remember how many dinners and movies and tanks of gas and iPhone apps $1000 can but you, your unit is probably going to be $25, as in “I have 40 chances to win.”  If you were to plop down at the table after a night of losing $50,000 and taking your last $1,000 out of the ATM, your unit isn’t going to be the same. It’s not going to be $25. It’s probably not even $100 or even $1000 for that matter. The unit is probably far too big to achieve any success worth appreciating given the relatively small amount of each bet.
I think the same question is true in the case of happiness*: what’s your unit? If you take a look at everything around you, can you see how much there is to be happy about? And if you’re coming up short, could it be because you’re thinking in units that are too big for your bank? Seeing the things that matter to you as smaller and more abundant is a difficult task once you’ve visualized them as indefinably large and hard to count, but in the end, you’ll get more bang for your buck."

*and just about everything else

Monday, 3 May 2010


Hey guys!

I was on purevolume today and thought I'd share some of the bands and artists I've found interesting recently, so here you are:

Carter Hulsey
Joel and Janna
Kelsey Wild
Nick Driver
Nick Goldston
The Morning Of
The Snake The Cross The Crown
The Spill Canvas

I'm also quite addicted to How I Met Your Mother, to the extent that I'm dreaming in HIMYM episodes.

Anyway, back to Steinbeck.