Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Hurdy Gurdy on RTK

Betty blogs for achieee: 

The Hurdy Gurdy on RTK
The story begins on a decent laptop in Beirut  when Bettina was being bullied  with a smell of cheese.
Sick of gossip if I here about another break up or get together i will scream.  If you want something original to say don’t talk about love stories and break ups yaaaaaaaaaaaq. Why is Kurt frustrated? Why’s he palpitating?
Way too much coffe. What’s with coffee innit? Alef ted yod kaf yamid res sin. Hebrewwwwww we luv it! So Rachel sits reading her Hebrew whilst we devour an elevenses cookie. Some letters are more amusing than others did you know?  I need good eyes. I wonder what this will look like at the end of these frees.

This is gna be my frees blog... woop woop! To be a journalist you msut write everyrday...and read the news all the time. Coz good news is no news and no news is good news.
No no no not tukb]r waaaaaaaaaaaaa
,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how naajjjjjssss

No never ma tarax

Never mehn never

Vocal shiwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa let’s see how many wordsi can write till achie needs to go for a lesson

Come on ptx she cant even say shimiwel tut tut tut


Defo mehn. Mm vocaaaal..i had a vocal lesson today.. i jsut watched gleeee canclled my history lesson. Budaful. Too cool to read the end of the sentence.